How To Celebrate National Best Friends Day

by Kiersten Hickman
Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Are you always comparing your friendship with your bestie to a famous television duo, or is that just me? I absolutely love best friends seen in television, or even books, and can’t help but want to replicate some of my favorite scenes and moments with some of my best friends. Which is why, when thinking of how to celebrate National Best Friend Day, I firmly believe we should all turn to some of the best TV besties of all time.

Obviously you and your best friend aren’t going to want to try all of these — especially if you are repulsed by the idea of playing a drinking game that lasts the entire evening, or a painful game of paintball. Or, maybe the idea of eating tons of junk food, or a lavish day of spending in the city isn't your style. So make sure to keep your friendship style in mind when deciding how to spend National Best Friends Day on June 8.

Sure, all of these TV best friends are different, but they actually all seem to have one thing in common: their need for each other. Having a best friend is sometimes even more important than a soul mate — someone who likes the same quirky things you do, laughs at all of your dumb jokes when no one else does, or knows exactly what to say when reconciling after a fight. These friendships below are one of kind, just like you and your bestie.

So celebrate National Best Friends Day by doing what TV does best — being unapologetically you.

Road Trip... And Sandwiches?

If anyone can do a road trip right, it’s Ted Mosby & Marshall Eriksen from How I Met Your Mother. Take a trip on National Best Friends Day with your bestie, and of course, pack some sandwiches.

Watch Baywatch & Drink Booze

As if sitting on large recliners wasn’t enough, Chandler Bing & Joey Tribbiani from Friends do it in style — with lots of booze, pizza, and of course, Baywatch!

Play Paintball

After a reconciling and a letter of recommendation, Michael Scott & Dwight Schrute from The Office play a game of paintball

Eat Lots Of Junk Food, And Don't Forget The Coffee

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls are known for their garbage bag eating habits. They constantly pig out on junk food like cans of whipped cream, Pop Tarts, and pizza — and of course, they wash it down with tons of coffee.

Bra Shopping

How could we ever forget the Lizzie McGuire episode about Miranda and Lizzie shopping for bras? Take a page out of their book and bond over pretty new bras and trying not to match outfits with Kate.

Late Night Adventures And Burgers

The endless adventures of Spongebob and Patrick in Spongebob Squarepants are hard to list out in one simple article, but we all know one thing that is consistent with this friendship: Burgers! So make sure to go on a crazy adventure like these friends, and eat burgers to top off your crazy night of antics.

A Day In The City

Take a trip to the biggest city near you for a lavish day of spending and eating like Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl. Don’t forget to eat lunch on the steps of your local museum (bonus points if it's The Met!), wear matching outfits, and take an unforgettable photoshoot with your phones.

Watch Harry Potter And Eat Waffles

Just like Leslie Knope once said, if you watch Harry Potter, then you love Harry Potter. So make sure to force your bestie, like Leslie Knope did for Ann Perkins in Parks And Recreation, to watch Harry Potter and eat a lot of waffles with whipped cream.

Play The True American Drinking Game

According to Jess, it’s "50 percent drinking game, 50 percent life-size Candy Land" — so this game is perfect for the girls that like to get a little crazy. Jess and Cece from New Girl certainly know how to party with this iconic television drinking game. Don’t know how to play? That’s OK, here’s how!

Attempt The Eagle

There’s nothing like a true best friend who can pick you up and throw you on a mattress, right? J.D. Dorian and Christopher Turk from Scrubs are certainly a TV duo that every best friend couple in the history of best friends completely envies. They had their ups and downs, but seemed to always hug it out.

Have A Dance Party

No matter what happens on Boy Meets World, we all know two very important things: The Feeny call, and Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter continually breaking out in dance. Do the boys an honor and dance it out on National Best Friend Day!