How To Celebrate The Spring Equinox

by Kiersten Hickman

The spring equinox, or more formally known as the vernal equinox, will take place on Monday, Mar. 20 of this year! So you know what that means... winter is finally almost over and warmer weather is (hopefully) right around the corner. So, what better way to kick off the season than with some festive plans to celebrate spring equinox?

Spring equinox is actually the day that the angle of the sun reflecting onto the earth moves from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere, and it marks the official start of spring. This means earlier sunrises, later sunsets, and of course, flowers and leaves and trees — oh my! If your reaction is as excited as mine (trust me, I’m trying to tone it down over here), then I’m sure you’ll want to celebrate this iconic moment.

Almost all of these ideas to kick of spring equinox requires you to be outside. So, if it’s raining that day, you have two options: Skip those and try the indoor ones, or just do them anyways. Because what better way to celebrate spring then singing in the rain?

So grab your favorite spring floral dress, those new pair of sunglasses you’ve been dying to wear since Christmas, and get ready for the start of spring.

Visit The Cherry Blossoms

There are tons of different parks that host cherry blossom festivals. See if there are any near you — or maybe even plan a trip to Washington D.C.!

Take A Day Trip

The world is waking up, so greet the budding flowers and the warm breeze with a day trip with some of your favorite people.

Listen To A New Album

Find an album to listen to that will be your go-to for the season.

Plant An At-Home Garden

Have a green thumb? Kick off gardening season by planting a garden the first day of spring!

Play Frisbee Outside

This will especially go well if you have a furry friend.

Draw Chalk Art

Kick it like you’re a third grader all over again and make a huge masterpiece right on your sidewalk.

Strawberry Picking

Some strawberry farms may not be open yet, but you may as well peek around and see if any farm is open for some early pickings!

Take A Photoshoot

Nothing says spring like the perfect Instagram post.


Help clean up the trash around your neighborhood by volunteering for the day.

Spring Cleaning

I mean, spring is in the title... so I guess it’s something you can do. Or, just sit around and think about the ways that you could clean, if you were that type of person.

Organize Your Wardrobe

Give your closet a refresh for the spring and summer! Dump all of your winter clothes into a container that you can shove under your bed, and give your closet a refreshed feel for the new season.


Take a hike with your friends at one of the forest preserves or parks near your home.

Go To A Baseball Game

I don’t really go to the games for the game, although they are fun. Honestly, I'm mostly there for those hot dogs first and foremost.


If you’re artistic, plop yourself in a park or a busy street and capture life around you with a paintbrush or pencil.

Visit A Farmers Market

Are there any farmers markets opening up near you on spring equinox? Or maybe they’ve been open all year but you haven’t wanted to venture into the cold? Celebrate the start of spring with some fresh vegetables and fruits from your local community!


This is probably my all-time favorite way to kick off spring, even if it simply involves pizza with friends.