How To Celebrate Women's History Month All Year

March is Women’s History Month, and it's the perfect opportunity to not only remember the women that made a huge influence in our communities, but to also recognize the women that are currently making a huge influence. But that energy shouldn’t ever stop, even when March is over — which is why it's important to consider ways to celebrate women’s history month all year round.

Just because we hit the end of March doesn’t mean that you have to stop advocating and supporting in all the ways that you have been voicing throughout March. Instead, hone in that energy and continue to use it. Fuel it with knowledge, and use it towards helping the community around you. Yes the month is over, but your energy isn’t gone, which is why there are so many ways you can continue to live that spirit all year round.

Some of these will require more effort than others. But if this month truly inspired you to help women, and you are genuinely ready to make a difference all year, then here are eleven different ways you can be helping your community. Perfect to implement throughout the other 11 months of the year.

Read Books About Empowering Women

There are so many incredible reads by women that help to empower other women. To start, here’s a list that is perfect for anyone ready to fight the fight.

Start A Book Club

Want others to chat about these books with? You can start a book club at your school, in your workplace, or any other gathering point within your community. Meet other like-minded people that are passionate about keeping the spirit of Women’s History Month alive all year.

Or Join Emma Watson’s Feminist Book Club

If you haven’t heard yet, Emma Watson has this really cool book club online that is constantly recommending empowering reads for women. Check it out at Our Shared Shelf.


One of the best ways you can support women is by donating money to organizations that are creating resources to equip and educate women to become independent, smart, healthy, and powerful members of their communities.

Watch Movies About Inspiring Feminists

Feeling like you need some inspiration to keep the spirit alive? Check out one of these 23 feminist flicks recommended by a fellow Bustler that will help you stay empowered to do the work you’re already doing.

Write Letters To Your Closest Gal Pals

Take some time to inspire the women you love by sending them letters. Write out all the reasons why they are meaningful in your life, and tell them about the work you have been doing. Maybe it will inspire them to join forces with you on whatever project you are currently working on!

Stay Active

No, not just working out — I’m talking staying active when it comes to protests and the news. Stay informed, get mad, raise your voice, and be a part of the history that is being written around you.

Learn About The Local Women Heroes In Your City

Yes the national and international women leaders are important to follow, but learn about those that made a huge influence right at home. Go on a local museum tour, attend a town hall, read books, and learn about your town and the women that made a difference right on your streets.

Inspire The Youth

Get involved with after school programs or other club activities for youth that need inspiring role models. You can empower other girls by showing them how strong and smart they are, and how no one can tell them otherwise.

Of course, out of all the ways to truly live out the spirit of Women’s History Month, remembering to always fully follow your truth is the most significant. You are important. You are valuable to your community. You are unique, original, smart, creative, and very much needed. Be yourself, because when you are overwhelmingly yourself, that spirit will inspire those around you to do the same.