Change Your FB Profile Picture For March Madness

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

If you're a basketball fan, you likely couldn't be more hyped that the second week of March is here. And, if you're a serious fan, you're probably wondering how to change your Facebook profile picture for March Madness to support your favorite team. Lucky for you, Facebook has teamed up with the National Collegiate Athletic Association to make showing your love for your favorite team on your social feed, that much easier. According to a statement from the NCAA, it's very easy, too:

“Every year fans take to Facebook to cheer on their favorite teams throughout March Madness. Working with the team at Facebook, we’ve created a way for fans of all 68 teams to publicly display their support in a very personalized manner,” says Nate Flannery, Director of Digital and Social Media, NCAA

Beginning March 14, you'll notice a notification message on the top of your newsfeed letting you know that March Madness has arrived on Facebook. After following a few brief steps, you can easily tweak your profile to show as much temporary or permanent support as you please.

And once you do this, you'll probably start to hear from other college basketball enthusiasts. Because by changing your profile picture, you're basically waving a flag that says "let's talk March Madness." So, don't be surprised if this minor action brings you a lot of new interactions with other fans and enthusiasts. Maybe you're about to find your new watching buddy. Here's how to update your profile:

Locate The Message


Hurrah! Starting on March 14, you may see a celebratory message at the top of your newsfeed. Once you find it, you can show your support by sharing the message, or you can click to “Show Your Team Pride” to change your profile picture.

Choose Your Team

Click the celebratory message where you can choose your team, review the image and post your support. The frames can also be found here, or by tapping “Add Frame” on your profile picture on Facebook for iPhone or Android. Keep scrolling until you've seen all of the options. There's more than just March Madness.

Try A Frame


If a page or person you're following uses a profile frame, you can click or tap directly on the “Try It” button at the bottom of their post to add that same frame to your own profile picture. Before you settle on an image, you can test out different frames. Try a few in preview before you commit.

Once you settle on a frame, you can decide to update your profile frame on a temporary or permanent basis to show your support for your team throughout the tournament. You might just want to use the frame for a day or two, or you might want to stick to it. Whatever works for you! Happy March Madness, may the best team win.