This Is The Kind Of Wedding That Works Best With Your Myers-Briggs Type

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I love extravagant events and social media attention, so having a huge wedding — annoying hashtag and all — was a dream come true for me. But when you look at my Myers-Briggs type, it all makes sense. I'm an ESFP, which means that I'm super social. If a big wedding sounds like a nightmare to you, that's normal — everyone is different, and your personality will affect what you picture when you're thinking about your dream wedding. If you aren't sure of what wedding theme best suits you, I've got you covered. It can be intimidating to choose a wedding style, but by using your Myers-Briggs type as a guide, you can pick the perfect wedding #aesthetic for your ceremony, and you might learn something about yourself in the process.

One of the things that helped me stress less about my wedding was narrowing down my options and staying focused on what I liked. I knew I couldn't ever do a small ceremony, so I didn't consider venues that fit less than 50 people. I didn't love the idea of a princess-style wedding dress, and I didn't try on any styles that reminded me of a ball gown. Regardless of your own likes or dislikes, your Myers-Briggs type can help you narrow it down as you navigate the overwhelming planning process.


ISTJ — Super Traditional

The typical ISTJ loves traditions and is loyal to the people surrounding them, so it makes sense that they'll be drawn to an old-fashioned wedding that doesn't deviate too much from established tradition.


ISFJ — Sentimental AF

You're conscientious and committed, but other people are at the forefront of your mind. You may find yourself less concerned with finding the perfect venue; instead, you'll plan a wedding filled with sweet touches that make the people around you feel loved.


INFJ — Eco-Friendly

INFJs are always doing things to better the world around them, so it's only natural that you'll have an eco-friendly wedding that emphasizes the importance of taking care of the environment.


INTJ — Imaginative

You aren't afraid to get out-of-the-box, which means that you'll break tradition in quirky ways. Whether it's your cake topper, aisle runner or dance floor, you'll likely get hands-on and try to DIY something yourself.


ISTP — Non-Traditional

As an ISTP, you aren't afraid to test out new ideas, even if they seem a bit off-the-wall to other people. Whether it's what you wear or the food that you serve, you'll surely find a way to surprise your guests with something unexpected.


ISFP — Backyard Wedding

When you picture your wedding day as an ISFP, you don't want to feel rushed or claustrophobic because of the people around you. A backyard ceremony is simplistic enough to leave you feeling calm, and if you spruce up the venue, it will likely wow your guests.


INFP — Elopement

Although you're loyal to the people around you, your top concern is staying loyal to yourself, and if you don't want a wedding day with a ton of onlookers, you're going to do what feels natural for you —which may end up being an elopement.


INTP — An Intellectual Ceremony

Because INTPs place an emphasis on logic, they often find themselves researching and reading to learn more about things. What better setting for an INTP wedding than a bookstore, library, or museum?


ESTP — Courthouse

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Your personality is all about spontaneity, which is why a courthouse wedding is a great fit for you. Not only is it a time- and money-saver, but you'll get what you want much sooner than if you waited for a traditional wedding.


ESFJ — Destination Wedding

As an ESFJ, you probably can't pass up a stylish wedding, but you may also want something less traditional. A destination wedding is the perfect solution — you'll have guests travel from around the world, and you'll get to plan every detail from afar.


ENFP — A Family-Filled Day

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If you're an ENFP and have a good relationship with your family, you're going to want to make sure the day honors them. You depend on them for support, and they'll likely helped you stay focused on the important things during the hectic planning process.


ENTP — An Adventurous Wedding

Whether it's hiking a mountain, getting married in the woods, or hanging out on a rocky cliff to say "I do," the fact that you're bored by routine means that you'll crave something with an adrenaline rush for your wedding.


ESTJ — Detail-Forward

You're less concerned with the venue and "big ticket" items — instead, you'll be likely to obsess over the smaller details of your wedding day, like making sure that every menu card is positioned correctly and centerpieces are perfectly arranged. You can hire a wedding planner to help you achieve your vision, and it'll likely alleviate stress.


ESFP — Lavish & Over-The-Top

You keep things exciting, so it's only natural that your wedding day is going to make jaws drop. It'll be entertaining and include lots of things that match your aesthetic — you'll be sure to shoot for compliments about it being one of the nicest weddings people have ever attended.


ENFJ — Intimate

ENFJs are all about helping others, and you'll want a wedding day that leaves your guests feeling appreciated. It won't be a surprise if you fall in love with an intimate ceremony and reception plan that still gives you time to socialize with the people you love.


ENTJ — Meticulously Planned

Regardless of the venue, your wedding day will be planned to the nines, with ample back-up plans and preparations for the worst-case scenario. You don't have any trouble taking charge, and you sometimes feel like you have to do things yourself to make sure they're done right.

Everyone is different, so even if you share a Myers-Briggs type with your partner, you could find yourself on a different page than them. That's totally normal — all that matters in the end is having a day that's meaningful to both of you.