How To Delete Your Old Email Address From The Early 2000s In A Flash

Andrew Zaeh/Bustle

Admit it: You didn't always have that super professional, resumé-friendly email address that you use for all your work correspondence. You, just like everyone else who grew up when email addresses were becoming a thing, might've had an email username along the lines of "koolgirl365" or "hotchick13." And that's totally OK. But if you want to find a way to bury it away forever or delete all proof of the types of conversations you were having when you were prepubescent, you might want to learn how to delete old email addresses.

While Gmail is one of the largest email services now, just a decade ago it was going up against a bunch of other email services like Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL. But despite how each was ranked back then or is ranked now, the reality is that your early 2000s account with them still exists and is more likely than not storing all the old messages between you and your best friends. But, have no fear. If you don't want to be haunted by the ghost of email past anymore, going back in to delete those old accounts for good is pretty easy. Here's how you can make it happen depending on the email service: