How To Do Ombre Makeup With 7 Essential Products


The ombre makeup trend — and particularly ombre lips — continues to be hot this season. And, if you're wondering how to do ombre makeup, the best ombre makeup products take all the guesswork out of this potentially tricky trend. In fact, unless you have the makeup skills of a YouTube beauty vlogger (and, if you do, please pass some of your talent and knowledge over this way), there's a chance one of the biggest beauty blunders you're making involves carefully blending your eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, contour powders, and lipsticks so that one shade doesn't abruptly stop where the next one begins.

Not only does ombre makeup make it way easier to create a fool-proof look that is already blended to perfection, it has the added benefit of adding dimension to your lips, eyes, and cheeks to really bring out the sparkle in your peepers and the contours of your bone structure. And it goes without saying: ombre makeup is interesting to look at: it's like this hypnotic crystal ball from which we can't peel away our gaze.

There are times in every beauty lover's life when we don't just crave makeup that looks great on, we also want it to be super appealing to look at and even more beautiful to display on our vanity. These stunning ombre makeup products satisfy two beauty urges: the desire to play up our features and look incredible and the desire to own a product that looks as beautiful off as it does on.


A Triple Color Gradient Lip Stain

VDL Tint Bar Triple Shot, $14, Amazon

This long-wearing Tint Bar Triple Shot lip stain by VDL features three complementary shades that, together, create a "petal-bitten" gradient effect that lasts for hours. This is a tint, lip balm, and lip base in one so you can expect incredible hydration and, given the unique spectrum of colors, a chance to experiment with deepening and lightening your shade, depending on your mood that day. Since it pretty much looks like a rainbow in a tube, it'll take restraint not to want to leave the cover off while displaying it. It's available in four colors: Triple Peach (above), Triple Pink, Triple Candy, and Triple Burgundy.


A Flame-Colored Gradient Blush

NYX Ombre Blush Fard in Code Breaker, $13, Amazon

Blush and ombre are a match made in heaven. The extreme variations in tone join forces to create a super pretty and realistic looking flush that's difficult to replicate with flat powders. This NYC Ombre Blush in Code Breaker is a winner because its vibrant shade, which varies from flame-red to bronze-beige, can be applied with a light hand for a subtle glow and can also be used with a heavier hand for a deeper, richer mauve-shaded contour.


A Multitasking Nude Ombre Eyeshadow Palette

BECCA Cosmetics Ombre Nudes Eye Palette, $40, Amazon

The five matte nude shades in BECCA Ombre Nudes Eye Palette are natural looking, versatile, and offer buildable coverage to suit every look you want to create. Use them to design the perfect smoky eye, fill in eyebrows, give your lids and cheeks a realistic looking contour effect, or dampen a slanted eyeliner brush and apply wet shadow to create the perfect winged eye. Reviewers who helped this product earn a 4.3/5 star rating say it stays in place all day (even without primer) and that its texture is buttery and smooth, making it simple to blend these shades together.


A Two-Tone Lip Bar That Will Help You Master The Gradient Lip Trend

Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar $17, Amazon

A blended/gradient lip look is all the rage and so much easier to achieve with help from Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar, which comes in a variety of highly pigmented shades like Magenta Muse (pictured above), a marriage of a deep and light shade of pink. Practice makes perfect when it comes to using these moisturizing lip bars — glide the lip bar along your lower lip so that the deeper color is applied to the inner portion of your lip, then flip the lip bar around to match the color gradation to your top lip.


An Ombre Bronzer Chockfull Of Healthy Ingredients

IT Cosmetics CC + Radiance Ombre Bronzer, $39, Amazon

Bronzer can be a difficult product to get right — and it can easily appear streaky or unnatural. CC + Radiance Ombre Bronzer, which comes in the warmest and most soothing gradient shades, makes application a breeze because you can select whether you want a simple and light sun-kissed look or a deeper, richer bronze. You can easily create a contoured look by by dipping a brush in both shades and swiping onto your cheeks. But that's not really the best part about this product: because if it's made by IT Cosmetics, you can expect it to be filled with amazing ingredients like peptides and hydrolyzed collagen. It's also waterproof — and gorgeous to look at — what more could you want in a bronzer?


Shade Shifter Multichrome Ombre Nail Polish

KBShimmer Shade Shifter Multichrome Nail Polish, $9, Amazon

This pretty shade shifter multichrome nail polish creates ombre shades on your nails that change depending on the light in the room. They can go from appearing cyan to dark blue to red orange to purple — within minutes. More than 470 reviewers who helped make this a highly rated product on Amazon say the polish can last up to two weeks with a top coat and that it takes 3-4 coats to achieve the sweet ombre color effect.


A 10-Piece Ombre Makeup Brush Set For Every Makeup Need

SHANY Ombre Pro 10 Piece Essential Brush Set With Travel Pouch, $14, Amazon

This quality 10-piece brush set by SHANY contains every brush needed to create a full face of makeup — including a powder, blush, foundation, bronzer, eyeshadow, concealer, and contour brushes. But the two features that really make them stand out from the pack are their beautiful ombre design and the accompanying travel makeup pouch that you can tote around everywhere. Major bonus points for the company taking a stand against animal cruelty and being a member of PETA.

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