5 Easy Ways To Get In On The Dolly Parton Challenge

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Anyone who has multiple social media accounts knows how different our personalities can be on each one. Your LinkedIn is your professional persona, Facebook is more family-friendly, Instagram is all about your unique aesthetic, and Tinder might be reserved for your sexiest pics. And while these may seem like the unspoken rules for each app, the new Dolly Parton Challenge on Instagram makes them a little more established. Plus, it does all this in the form of a fun meme that anyone can personalize and make their own.

First things first: Why is it called the Dolly Parton Challenge? It's simple — the country queen herself was the person who invented the meme and posted it first. Her original post on Jan. 21 features four different pictures of her stacked in a 2x2 frame. The first picture, labeled "LINKEDIN," features Parton in a checkered blazer and ruffled necktie. The second is a smiling picture of Parton in a turtleneck Christmas sweater, with the frame labeled "FACEBOOK." On the bottom row, the left picture says "INSTAGRAM" and shows a black and white picture of the singer with her leg extended and a guitar by her side. The last picture, labeled "TINDER," shows Parton crouched in a sitting position wearing a Playboy bunny outfit. Parton captioned the picture "Get you a woman who can do it all," with a winky emoji.

After Parton posted the meme, several others followed including celebrities like Olivia Munn, Ellen DeGeneres, Janet Jackson, and Will Smith. You've probably even noticed some of your friends and family getting in on the new meme. And if you want to join the fun, here are five apps you can use to do the Dolly Parton Challenge on Instagram.


Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch is a totally free collage-maker app that you can use to take part in the Dolly Parton Challenge on Instagram. Once you download the app, open it up and you'll see a variety of different templates for collages that are organized by the number of boxes in the template. Although there are several pages of templates, you'll find the 2x2 one you need on the first page in the bottom row. Once you tap the template, you'll be taken to a larger version of it where you can tap into each box and choose the photos you want in the collage.

When you drag each picture to the boxes you want to place it in, the app gives you the chance to edit it any way you want — this includes adding text. You can use the feature to label your pictures with the appropriate social media platform. Once you do this for each of your pictures, just save the final collage to your app by tapping Export on the bottom right of your screen. From there, you can share your Dolly Parton Challenge directly onto Instagram or any other app.



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Although Fotor costs money ($8.99 for a monthly subscription or $29.99 for a year), you can use the app's three-day free trial to make your version of the Dolly Parton Challenge and get out before having to pay any fees. Or, if you're open to using your computer instead of your phone, the desktop version of the app is totally free.

Once you download the app, you just have to click on the "Collage" option in the middle of the page. This will give you two different sets of layouts: Magazine and Classic. The Classic option will give you a clean template for the meme. Once you choose the 2x2 option in the third row of the screen, you can choose the photos you want to include in the collage by tapping them and — voila! Your collage is made and you can save it by tapping the checkmark icon on the bottom right of the screen. The only setback with Fotor is that you can't add text to the Classic templates, so you'll have to add text to your photos before compiling them into a collage on the app.



Collageable is another app you can use for your own version of the Dolly Parton Challenge. You can download the app and use it for free for seven days. After that, there's a $4.99 per week subscription fee. Once you download it, you'll be taken to a screen titled Make New, where you'll have three layout options. Choose the middle option that says Collage. After you go ahead and choose the last template in the third row, you'll be able to add pictures to each box by tapping into them and importing photos from your phone's gallery. Once you have all the photos you want to use, you can use the "T" icon on the bottom of the screen to add text to the boxes. Then, simply use the last icon on the bottom of the screen to export your finished collage to either your photos or one of your social media accounts.



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If you're interested in other options, there's also PicCollage. Although you can download the app for free, anything you make with the free version will give your picture a watermark. If you want to make your meme watermark-free, you can pay $4.99 a month or $35.99 a year for the app. Either way, when you have the app, you can get started by tapping on the Grids option in the middle of the screen. This will lead you to your own photo gallery where you can choose photos. After you've selected your four pictures, tap the blue checkmark at the top right of the screen.

Once your photos are organized the way you want them, you can add text by tapping the Text icon at the bottom. After typing and then adjusting your text, you just have to hit Done at the top righthand corner of the screen. There, you'll be given the option to share the meme on your social media accounts.



Believe it or not, you can actually create the Dolly Parton Challenge template right on your Instagram app. You just have to make sure that you have the "Layout from Instagram" template downloaded first. Once you have it, swipe to the right to reveal the camera that you use to create Stories. Scroll through the bottom options of the screen until you see Layout. The first template will be the 2x2 which is exactly what you need. This will allow you to fill in different pictures for each box, either from your own Instagram feed or personal camera gallery in your phone. Once you've done this, just tap anywhere on the screen to start writing text. You can write out "LinkedIn," "Facebook," "Instagram," and "Tinder" separately and then drag and drop each label to the corresponding picture. Then, you can post straight to your Story, or save the collage and post to your feed.