The French Manicure Is Back, So Here's How To Make It Work For 2019

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Nostalgia is the best form of inspiration for current and future trends, and as my Mum says: "everything comes back around". This is certainly true of the 90s French tip manicure trend, which is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Beyonce have been spotted sporting their own versions of the classic mani style, meaning it's officially cool again. But if you were never really a fan of the trend in the first place (I can relate), there are ways to update it and make it work for you. Need inspo? Here's how to wear the French Tip manicure in 2019.

Change up the colours

The classic French manicure consists of a clear nail and white tipped ends, but 2019's version is saying bye bye to tradition and hello to a modern twist, this time using colour. Check out Instagram and you will see all sorts of bright and bold takes on the look, from pastel tips to neon ones; it's really the dealer's choice. You can even go wild and choose different colours for each nail; an ideal option for those among us who cannot seem to make a decision while in the chair. All you have to ask for when getting your mani is a French tip using an alternative colour. Simples.

Flip-reverse it

If you're really not a fan of the French tip trend, this option allows you to totally flip it on its head in a super modern, cool way. Instead of wearing the section of white or colour on the tip of your nail, you wear it at the base/bottom of your nail, in more of a curved shape. This design looks particularly good when worn in different colours rather than white, so you can really have a lot of fun with it.

Edit the shape

The old school French mani we know and (may) love usually consists of white tips that have been filed into fairly harsh, squared shapes. This was the way to go in the 90s, but we've come far since then, and there are now other options depending on the overall affect you are looking for. "For a soft look, I like to file in more rounded or almond shapes," celebrity nail artist Ashlie Johnson, who works with Brie Larson and Dakota Johnson, told InStyle. Alternatively, if you want to make the look super fierce and anything but soft, try a sharpened side point, as seen below.

Add designs

If you fancy a French but want to make it a little more 2019, add some fun designs onto the clear part of the nail. Floral designs look lovely, and add to the dainty, soft feel of the modern French. French tips are also still a top choice for brides, but they too have evolved, often featuring a design carved into the tip itself. Blogger @inthefrow opted for a lace design for her recent wedding, for example. If you live in London, DryBy does this excellently.

Get dainty with the size

In 2019, thick, chunky white tips are out, and more dainty, thin strips are the way to go. These look particularly lovely with pretty pastel colours, yet a white look still works well. You can also pair this look with a variety of nail shapes, including rounded and almond.

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