Here’s One Concrete Way To Help Survivors Of The Denver School Shooting Right Now

Ethan Miller/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Tuesday, another shooting devastated a school and it's community, leaving one student dead and eight others injured, per The New York Times. If you're looking for how to donate to STEM School Highland Ranch shooting survivors, there is a fundraising campaign already under way.

A GoFundMe campaign was launched late in the day on Tuesday. According to its description, funds collected will go toward medical expenses for the STEM shooting survivors. The campaign was started by a student who attends a school nearby, according to the page. Bobby Whithorne, the director of North America communications for GoFundMe, confirms to Bustle that the campaign is verified and that they're in touch with the organizer.

"The shooting victims have medical expenses, we can help them out however possible with your help," the description for the campaign reads. "This shooting was a terrible thing, but as a community we can help the families, as well as the victims, heal."

The description explains that the person who started the fundraiser, a student name Aidan Ayotte, is working with GoFundMe to coordinate a plan for dispersing funds to survivors and their families. The money, the description says, will be held until such a plan is in place.

"I have friends who were both in the same room as the shooting or near," Ayotte wrote. "As soon as STEM can get back to me, I will update you guys on how I’m getting the money to the families."

In less than a day, the fundraiser collected nearly $4,500. The current goal is $10,000.

"It is important during this difficult time that our community comes together and that we take care of one another," the school wrote on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

Thomas S. Tucker, superintendent of the Douglas County School District, addressed the community in a note shared to the district's Facebook page. While sharing resources for parents to use when discussing the shooting with their children, the superintendent also emphasized the importance of working through the shock and grief as a community.

"Supporting one another in the coming days, weeks and months is critical," Tucker wrote. "We are a united family. We are here to support each and every one of you — students, parents and staff — and will continue to do so as long as needed. Together, we will get through this difficult time."

The day after Tuesday's shooting, few details were available to the public. Parents of 18 year-old Kendrick Castillo confirmed that their son was the student killed during the attack, according to CNN. Castillo reportedly died while charging one of the shooters and has been credited with saving several of his classmates' lives.

Mass shootings take place with alarming regularity in the United States. Although conversations about gun control are fixtures in the political arena, little has been done in recent years to tangibly curb the violence. In light of Tuesday's tragedy, the STEM School community has made clear that they plan to work together as they grieve the loss of one of their students, as well as help those who were injured.