Bumble's Film Initiative Wants To Support Women In The Industry With A Major Leg Up

by Sophie McEvoy
Catherine Goldschmidt, Director of Photography A BATTLE IN WATERLOO

While women have certainly been celebrated at this year's award ceremonies, there have been no female nominees in the major categories of Best Director or Best Film. In an effort to change the role women currently have in the film industry, Bumble will be giving five teams of female filmmakers in the UK, France, and Germany £20,000 and the opportunity to produce a short film with it. So if you've got a passion for filmmaking and you're looking for a chance to make your mark as writer, director, or producer, here's how to enter Bumble's The Female Film Force.

After starting the initiative last year, Bumble is "thrilled" to be bringing it back in 2019, as the dating app said in a statement sent to Bustle UK. To apply for this amazing opportunity, all you have to do is download the dating app and head into its "professional industry networking mode" Bumble Bizz, and match with the application card. It's that simple. And if you have a stellar idea but don't have "networks in place" to make it happen, Bumble also encourages you to find the perfect connections through the app.

After that, you'll be sent a message through the app where you'll be linked to the application page. From there, you just have to fill out a short form describing your idea for the film and your team.


As detailed in the statement, applications for round one of The Female Film Force will close on March 20. A shortlist will then be announced, and those chosen "will be asked to submit further materials to support their ideas." After that, ten teams will be asked to pitch an industry panel in June, followed by an announcement of the five teams. The final films will be "delivered in January 2020 and [will be] showcased at an exclusive industry event," as were the films for last year's Female Film Force at the London Short Film Festival.

If you end up as part of the final five teams, you won't be left in the dark during the production period, either. The teams "will also receive guidance from leading industry experts as part of a bespoke mentorship programme created in partnership with WDW Entertainment and Female Film Force Produce Elisabeth Hooper". Basically, you'll have everything you need to create the short film of your dreams.

"We pride ourselves on being a social network but above this — we have a duty and a responsibility to drive our mission of gender equality forward," said Bumble's vice president of international marketing & communications Louise Troen. "The root of this is education. Storytelling is one of the more pertinent forms of educating on new ways of thinking, opening our eyes or understanding, and rethinking our own beliefs."

She continued: "The films we created last season did this. Through touching narratives around community, ambition, sexuality and diversity — we opened everyone's eyes to the way women feel, and are understood. We learned, we laughed and we were lifted. There was no question of whether we should do it again."

So if you're a budding filmmaker with a big idea, now's your chance. Get applying!