Here's How You Can Find Out Which Companies Are Backing Trump's 2020 Campaign

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American consumers seem increasingly concerned about the political leanings of the companies they support, especially as the pivotal 2020 election nears. If you want to know how to find out which companies support Trump — or any other politician — there are a few pretty straightforward ways to get this information. Notably, there are several apps and websites that make it really easy to take a closer look at business' political involvement.

For example, Goods Unite Us, a women-owned application, offers several different tools that allow you to investigate the politics of your favorite companies. According to the app's description, you can search over 4,000 different brands and companies and receive a breakdown of each company's political donations — and any political donations made by senior employees at that company. These company summaries from Goods Unite Us also provide you with a percentage breakdown of how many of the company's donations support Democratic versus Republican candidates.

In addition to looking at company profiles, you can also search specific political candidates, including Trump, via the Goods Unite Us app to see which companies have donated to them, the app's description noted. Also, if you want a more personalized breakdown of the political leanings of the companies you support, you can answer questions and receive your "wallet vote" from the app, the company said on its website.

To get a wallet vote, users "answer a few questions about where they spend money and get an estimate of exactly how much of their hard earned money goes to Republican and Democrat politicians and PACs every election cycle," the company wrote. If you aren't happy with this breakdown, the company will also provide you with a list of alternative businesses to support so you can better match your consumption with your political interests.

Zippia, a career search and information company, also has a tool on its website that lets you take a closer look at employee political donations for many companies, its website reveals. When you enter a company's name, Zippia's tool provides a breakdown of employee names and political donation amounts — and also an overall percentage of how many employees donated to Republican versus Democratic candidates. To access this tool, you simply type a company's name into Zippia's search bar and then click on the "political" category of the company's profile, where you will find the employee donation list.

Finally, the Buycott app allows you to take a more product-oriented approach to seeing the politics behind consumer goods. As Forbes described, the Buycott app lets you select campaigns you care about (for example, one campaign includes boycotting Trump-affiliated products) and then scan items you're considering buying with your phone to see if these products align with the causes you support. In addition to politicians, there are also many Buycott campaigns related to human rights issues and policy topics.

Overall, thanks to technology, it's pretty easy to get a sense of what politicians and political causes your favorite companies support — and then act on this information, if you want. For most Americans, taking action is a given. A 2017 study from Cone Communications CSR found that 76% said that they wouldn't buy a product from a company that they knew didn't support their beliefs. Meanwhile, 87% of Americans said they would purchase an item if they found out that a company supports a cause that aligns with their views.