How To Get Buy Pat McGrath’s Dark Star 006 Early For An Out Of This World Eye Look — PHOTO

It’s always a next-level affair when Pat McGrath products become available to shop, but when something that’s out of this world lands on her website, you better make sure you're fully prepared. Find out how to get early access to Pat McGrath’s Dark Star 006 because you’re not going to want to wait to get your hands on this cosmic makeup.

Dark Star 006 is the latest eye shadow to come from Pat McGrath Labs. With the pigment, sparkle and eye kohl included in each $130 set, these have everything you need to create the perfect outer space-inspired smokey eye look. And if that doesn’t sound ultra cool, then I don’t know what does! According to the website, you’ll be able to shop any one of the Ultraviolet Blue, Ultrasuede Brown or Dark Matter colorways on Apr. 11. But, according to the brand’s Instagram, when you enter your email on the Pat McGrath website, you’ll receive updates and early access to these amazing items.

When incredibly pigmented color combines with holographic glosses and so much sparkle, you’re in for a major makeup moment. You definitely won’t want to wait to possess these sent-from-above products, so make sure you’ve entered your email address so you can get these before Apr. 11.

The fact that McGrath is bringing these down to Earth is pretty incredible.


So, there's no way you'd want to ship out on this shopping opportunity.

Behold the best thing to ever happen to eye shadow.

Courtesy Pat McGrath Labs

No matter which set you shop, you're in for a world of greatness.


The Eye Kits deliver major color and shimmer.


This pop of blue is absolutely gorgeous.


There's so much potential for sparkle.


And when all of the products are combined, you're in for a beautiful, bold look.

So, yeah. About that whole early access thing — you're definitely going to want to get in on the action. Stay tuned for more info to hit your inbox!