How To Get Emma Stone's 2017 Oscars Makeup At Home

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She took home one of the biggest trophies of the night, stunned in sparkling, fringed Givenchy, and she absolutely rocked some Golden Era-inspired makeup. So, how can you get Emma Stone's 2017 Oscars makeup at home? Luckily, Rachel Goodwin, Stone's makeup artist for the big night, explained the look in detail — so you'll be able to nab all the necessary products for yourself.

Since Goodwin recently began a partnership with Nars, Stone was wearing the brand pretty much exclusively, from her bronze-y eyeshadow, right down to her high-impact brick red lips — and she even got to wear some new products that haven't hit shelves yet. All in all, Goodwin explained summed up the look in a press release shared with Bustle: "Emma’s look was all about 1930s Hollywood Glamour — her makeup was inspired by the romantic paintings by Dante Gabriel Rossetti."

Black Rose Cream Mask, $162, Nordstrom

White Ginger Contouring Oil, $190, Neiman Marcus

Before even commencing with the makeup itself, Goodwin prepped Stone's skin with some products from ultra-luxurious French brand Sisley Paris to help her achieve that lit-from-within glow, starting things off with the Black Rose Cream Mask to moisturize the face, as well as some White Ginger Contouring Oil to really make Stone's legs shine.

Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint, $45, Sephora

Skin Illuminator in Hot Sand, $30, Nars Cosmetics

Next, she applied Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint for a flawless complexion, and here's where all that 1930s and/or pre-Raphaelite glamour comes into play: Goodwin layered Skin Illuminator in Hot Sand with Spring 2017 upcoming Nars fresh releases, Liquid Blush in Orgasm, and Sweep Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer in Seaside for timelessly glowy cheeks.

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Velvet Shadow Stick in Siros, $29, Nars Cosmetics

Dual-Intensity Shadow in Himalia, $29, Nordstrom

Larger than Life Eyeliner in Via Appia, $26, Nordstrom

Stone's glittery golden bronze eye makeup also came from Nars; Goodwin employed a mash-up of the brand's Velvet Shadow Stick in Siros, the Dual-Intensity Shadow in Himalia, and the Larger than Life Eyeliner in Via Appia, according to Popsugar.

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Velvet Lip Liner in Karekare, $24, Nordstrom

Audacious Lipstick in Mona, $34, Nars Cosmetics

When it came to lips, the look was built to withstand a long, long Oscars ceremony: "Emma’s category [Best Actress] comes up late in the night, so I wanted to make sure the color could last. I applied Nars lipstick, blotted, applied more lipstick, and layered that with powder, and then applied a final layer of lipstick," Goodwin explained to New York Magazine. The layered and blotted products in question are the Velvet Lip Liner in Karekare and the Audacious Lipstick in Mona.

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Absolutely gorgeous, no? It goes without saying that Goodwin and Stone completely nailed that whole titian-haired, pink-cheeked, red-lipped, and perhaps above all, angelic-faced pre-Raphaelite glamour. Just add a Givenchy haute couture gown, an enamel Planned Parenthood pin, and an Academy Award for Best Actress and you've got a look for the ages!