Here’s How To Get Free Cheese On National Cheese Day This Month

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If cheese is your one-and-only BAE, then you'e probably pretty psyched that there is an entire day dedicated to the love and appreciation of cheese. And, you're definitely going to want to be in the know about how to get free cheese and other deals on National Cheese Day, which is happening on June 4. But, before you get your cheese on, it's important to memorize some cheesy facts for your National Cheese Day trivia night. Because, this day is all about cheese.

According to the website Holidays Calendar, Roquefort, Brie de Meaux and Casu Marzu cheeses are illegal in the U.S.; the European Union is the top producer of cheese in the world with the U.S. coming in second; Wisconsin produces the most cheese in the U.S. (seriously, you can get a side of cheese curds at most fast-food restaurants in this state); in France, people reportedly consume 60 pounds of cheese per person every year while people in the U.S. consume half that amount. Let's use National Cheese Day to close that gap.

Parmigiano-Reggiano, Camembert, and Bavarian Swiss are the most popular cheeses in the world, and they're ideal cheeses to offer the winner of your National Cheese Day trivia night. What's more, cheese triggers the same reward center in your brain that's activated by drugs and alcohol, according to a study from the University of Michigan. Luckily, being addicted to cheese isn't likely to upend your life, so cheese on my friendlies and take advantage of these National Cheese Day deals and freebies.


So Wrong It’s Nom Cheese & Gin

If you happen to be on a holiday in London during National Cheese Day, then you're going to want to hit up the London Cocktail Club's cheese and gin event, which will become a monthly fixture after its National Cheese Day debut on June 4. Hosted by food blog So Wrong It’s Nom, this cheese-lovers dream night pairs cheeses with gin because wine and cheese is so 2017.


Snuffer's Free Cheese & Queso

If you're in Dallas, D Magazine reported that Snuffer's is giving dine-in customers free chips and queso on National Cheese Day. Because the only thing better than cheese is hot melty cheese.


Get 15 Percent Off Zabar's Cheese

If you want to order some cheese straight to your door, Zabar's is offering online customers 15 percent off cheese collections for National Cheese Day so you can stock up on all your faves.


Krazy Coupon Lady

You can also check out the Krazy Coupon Lady for cheese coupons that you can send right to your phone so you can stock up on all your favorites for your National Cheese Day party without going broke.


Firenza $4 Cheese Pizza

If you like a little pizza with your cheese, Firenza Pizza in Louisville, Ky., is offering $4 cheese pizzas in honor of National Cheese Day so you can get your cheese pizza love on all day long for the price of a cup of coffee.


Cheese On A Stick For $1

Hot Dog On A Stick is taking fried cheese to a whole new level. You can get fried cheese on a stick for $1 during National Cheese Day when you tweet photo of yourself enjoying your favorite item from Hot Dog On A Stick. You know you're planning on posting your cheese photos anyway, so why not get rewarded for your love of cheese?


Free Cheese Popcorn

If popcorn is your jam and you also love cheese, Garrett Popcorn in Chicago is giving away free cheese popcorn to customers who spend $10 on other items so you can get your cheese corn on during National Cheese Day. Because cheese and popcorn is the perfect pairing.


Ice Cream On The Cheap

If you cheesing out in Culver City, Calif., during National Cheese Day, you can use the code SAYCHEESE at Coolhaus to get 10 percent off balsamic fig and mascarpone ice-cream pints. Cheese and ice cream are both made from dairy, so it only makes sense that they celebrate one another.


El Rodeo Free Queso

If you're making a pilgrimage to the Wisconsin, the U.S. capital of cheese, El Rodeo on La Crosse is offering free queso to each table all day long.


Win A National Cheese Day Party Pack

No party is complete without cheese. In honor of National Cheese Day you can enter to win a National Cheese Day Party Pack from Daiya when you sign up to receive emails from CBS Soaps In Depth. If you love eating cheese while watching cheesy soap operas, you're going to want to enter this contest ASAP.


Free Eats From Jimboy's Tacos

Like tacos with your cheese? You can get a free taco from Jimboy's Tacos on National Cheese Day when you sign up for the rewards program. If rewards aren't your jam, you can opt for a $3 quesadilla instead, which is small price to pay for a plate of hot, gooey cheese wrapped in a warm tortilla.


Fresh Thyme Cheese Sale

If you live near a Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market location, you can save up to 33 percent on speciality cheeses through National Cheese Day. This is a perfect opportunity to branch out and try some new cheese without spending your entire paycheck on cheese, which is pretty easy for hardcore cheese lovers to do.


Pizza & Cheesesteak Deals From Minsky's

If you're cheesing out in the Midwest on National Cheese Day, head into Minsky's to take advantage of discounts on pizza and cheesesteak sandwiches. Because, everything is better with cheese.


Cheese & Wine Traders Sale

A few days after National Cheese Day, you're going to want to hit up the Cheese & Wine Traders sale to restock your cheese supply. You know, because you're obviously going to eat all of the cheese on National Cheese Day. From June 8-17 you can save up to 70 percent on dozens of cheeses and wine varietals. You might also want to make a permanent commitment to cheese by joining a cheese of the month club, because cheese should just show up at your door on the regular.

Not enticed by any of these cheesy deals? You can always go into Whole Foods and chew on cheese samples until your cheese craving is satisfied. Seriously, go right up to the cheese counter and ask the person in charge of cheese to shower you with cheese to taste test.

If you've had to break up with cheese due to a dairy intolerance, consider giving vegan cheese another chance. And, National Cheese Day is an ideal time to sample some of the new vegan cheeses that don't taste like kindergarten paste, like Nuts for Cheese. Available at Whole Foods in a variety of real-cheese-inspired flavors, those who've tried it swear it taste like real cheese. Because, no one should be left out of #NationalCheeseDay.