Here’s How To Get Chipotle Delivered For FREE This Weekend

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Whether you're a born and bred football fan or a bandwagon jumper who only watches football during the Super Bowl, like me, I have a feeling that you're probably pretty excited about the snacks that await you at whatever Super Bowl party you'll be attending on Feb. 4. (Fellow bandwagon jumpers — is it safe to say that the food is our first priority? I thought so.) And now, I have even better news about the food to expect on Super Bowl night: Forget your go-to potluck dish and throw that recipe for buffalo dip out the window, because you just officially earned back the hours of your Super Bowl Sunday you would have spent prepping food. Everyone's favorite fast casual Mexican chain announced that they'll be offering free delivery starting on Feb. 2, through the Super Bowl on Feb. 4. That's right — Chipotle has you totally covered. So, here's how to get free Chipotle delivery during Super Bowl weekend.

According to a Chipotle press release, free Postmates delivery for all orders from the restaurant will start in 40 major metropolitan areas on Friday of Super Bowl weekend (Feb. 2) and extend through the game itself. New England's biggest cities and Philadelphia will, of course, be included in the offer, and you can find out if your city is also part of the offer via Postmates. Assuming you fall within a delivery zone (and my fingers and toes are crossed for you!), all you have to do to ensure a free food drop-off is place your order through the Postmates site or app with the special promo code. Before completing the checkout process, use the code chipotlebowl to be sure you're taking advantage of the freebie that Chipotle and Postmates have so generously bestowed on us.

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"We know a large part of the country is going to be getting game day ready this weekend, and we want to help fuel that energy with real food, made from real ingredients, handed off right at their door," Chipotle's chief digital and information officer Curt Garner said in a press release. "This is just another way we're exploring creative, strategic partnerships to ensure we are there for our customers when and where they want us."

Hosting a big party for the Super Bowl? It goes without saying that one or two burritos won't be enough for the occasion... but if I've now successfully hooked you on the idea of eating Chipotle during the game, you can also check out the chain's advanced order catering options. Yes, you'll need to place your order at least 24 hours ahead of time — and the free delivery offer won't apply — but it will save you the headache of preparing food for the masses, plus you'll have the perfect excuse to indulge in your favorite Chipotle menu items.

There is one way to secure free catering, though. To further demonstrate their excitement for Super Bowl Sunday, Chipotle has partnered with TABASCO Sauce on a catering sweepstakes. If you place a catering order by Feb. 3 (the day before the actual Super Bowl), you'll be eligible for prizes like catering spreads, Burritos by the Box — which sound very promising — and TABASCO Sauce. You can also enter the sweepstakes by filling out a simple form online. Placing a catering order ahead of time gives you a chance at winning additional prizes, so if there's any part of you that thinks your guests would enjoy a selection of Chipotle snacks, you might as well see if you can secure the goods ahead of time. You may end up getting a great deal after the fact!

It's honestly hard to tell who's more psyched for the Super Bowl: Eagles fans, Patriots fans, or the team at Chipotle that's effectively decided to function as the fairy godmother of football (and burrito) lovers everywhere this weekend. Let's just call it a tie. In the case of free food delivery, there can definitely be more than one winner.