Here's How You Can Get Free Guacamole From Chipotle Right Now


First, there was beast mode, the only way to describe the all-encompassing feeling you get when you eat a Chipotle burrito. Now, Chipotle has released “Guac Mode” as a way for you get free guacamole and unleash the avocado spirit within you. This is a gift from the avocado gods, and we do not take it lightly.

What sacrifice must we make for such a blessing? Do we need to kiss a burrito as penance? Must we tattoo a logo on our body for free food? Fortunately, this deal requires far less permanent ink and humiliation. First, you need to be a part of the Chipotle Rewards Program to unlock the Guac Mode offer and its subsequent free guacamole. If you’re already a member, congrats! You’ve got your Guac Mode coupon waiting for you in the app.

If you have yet to welcome the Chipotle Rewards Program into your life/phone, you’ll need to sign up by Feb. 20 if you want to unleash Guac Mode. Fear not: the app is free, intuitive, and ultimately gets you free Chipotle. The holy food trifecta. You can go to or text “Guac Mode” to 888-222 to sign up and ensure the guacamole deal is added to your account. You’ll just enter some basic info and voila! You are now a card-carrying lover of Chipotle.


Once you have the Guac Mode coupon, you can get a free side or topping of guacamole with the purchase of any regular-priced entree. (OK, so it isn’t completely free, but you’d need to put the guac on something anyway. We can’t have avo-anarchy.) The only thing better than guacamole is (mostly) free guacamole.

Chipotle is also offering rewards members free delivery on two days during February. If you place an order of $10 or more on Sunday, Feb. 16 or Sunday, Feb. 23, you’ll get that Chipotle delivered to your doorstep at no additional cost. Think of it as your Valentine’s Day-hangover meal or carbo-loading for Spring Break.

While Guac Mode is a limited-time offer, the Chipotle Rewards Program makes it easy to get free food all year round. For every eligible $1 you spend at Chipotle, you get 10 points. (This excludes purchases of alcohol, merchandise, and gift cards.) Once you hit 1250 points (which is $125 worth of purchases), you’ll get an offer for a free Chipotle entree. There are also bonus point days, which earn you double points for every dollar spent, and additional rewards offered sporadically to members.

If most of your meals are Chipotle-based anyway, signing up for the app makes sense. Plus every 18th-ish burrito you get will be free. A blessed burrito to all and to all a good guac.