How To Get Free Queso At Chipotle This Month By Just Wearing A Sweater

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In case you needed some extra encouragement to get in the holiday spirit this month, Chipotle is doing a holiday-themed giveaway — so, you may want to know how to get free queso at Chipotle on Dec. 12 so you can properly cash in. Luckily, it's actually pretty simple: According to Chipotle, on Dec. 12, people who show up at their local restaurant wearing their cheesiest holiday sweater will score a free order of queso. So, dig up your ugly Christmas sweaters that you had written off as literally too ugly for Christmas, they now have a purpose! Those holly jolly knitted nightmares are now the only thing between you and some free zesty cheese sauce. Cash your holiday cheese in for actual cheese!

Every so often, our favorite food joints will run promotions during which time they give away something for free for a certain amount of time. Typically it's something obvious — like a free cookie with your meal on National Cookie Day or something, you know. But what makes Chipotle's queso deal so amazing is that it's punny as hell.

Typically, it's $1.25 extra to get queso added onto your salad, bowl, burrito, or taco order. But now, when you show up in your holiday's finest, you'll get that side of queso for free. As for the fine print? The promotion only lasts one day! On Tues. Dec. 12 only, your cheesy sweater will get you some free cheesy sauce. Any other day of the year that you wear that sweater is up to you — just don't expect to get anything for free because of it.

Additionally, there's only one free queso per customer, so don't expect to show up multiple times throughout the day in different sweaters expecting to get more free cheese. (And of course, the offer is only available for in-store purchases. So no, you cannot describe your cheesy outfit over the phone to the pick up operator.)

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The whole promotion of course, is meant to drum up excitement over Chipotle's queso 2.0. In September, the chain Mexican restaurant began their first foray into the world of queso, adding an all-natural queso to the menu — only to receive some very mixed reviews. So, Chipotle went back to the kitchen to tweak their recipe — they do care about us, after all. Now testing at New York's flagship NEXT Chipotle kitchen, a new queso recipe is receiving much more positive reviews. A taste tester over at Business Insider said the new sauce was way less texturally challenged and included some totally tasty smokey and spicy notes, making it the perfect sauce for nachos – which the NEXT kitchen is also working on.

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Nothing gets people excited about giving something a second chance like the word "free" and the opportunity to dress up. So, we'll just have to wait until Dec. 12 to see if the new recipe has that special oomph we were looking for. And then of course, we'll have to go back on Dec. 13 to make sure that the fact that the sauce was free didn't alter the taste. And then maybe again on Dec. 14 just to be triple sure. You can never be too sure when you're picking a go-to queso joint. And if Chipotle is taking the time to perfect their sauce for us, we should give them our full hearted and open bellied attention while they do.

See you next Tuesday at Chipotle. I'll be the one who added an elf hat, a Santa beard, candy cane stockings, glitter nail polish, and jingle bell slippers just to fully ensure that I am deemed cheesy and worthy of the free cheese sauce.