You Can Get Round-Trip Plane Tickets From This Major Airline For HALF OFF In March

As far as the calendar goes, I tend to think of late February and early March as a kind of no man's land. We're well past the excitement of the holiday season. Those who celebrate Valentine's Day have long finished eating their chocolates and staring at their flowers (and those who hate Valentine's Day still, well, hate it). The fun of summer is still just out of reach. Honestly, the more I consider it, this period of time is just plain boring for just about anyone who doesn't happen to have a birthday or anniversary on the calendar. The best way to battle the boredom? Booking a trip, of course! In case you need further convincing, I'm about to tell you how to get half off plane tickets with Qatar Airways in March 2018. You read that right: Half. Off. Plane. Tickets.

Qatar Airways recently announced the launch of their "Breathtaking Experiences, Extraordinary Offers" sale. Per the terms listed on the site, travelers who book a ticket through the sale before Mar. 7, 2018 are eligible for round-trip travel priced as low as $564. Featured destinations include Muscat, Oman; Goa, India; Singapore; Nairobi, Kenya; and Dhaka, Bangladesh, but the airline's network includes more than 150 cities for you to explore. While some of these off-the-radar locations are less common destinations, you really can't beat these limited-time-only price breaks. If you've ever felt a pull to go off the beaten path, now is probably the time to go for it. If you don't take the opportunity now, you can't use the expensive tickets as your excuse later! They're half off now, so it's a good time to take advantage.

Before you go on an all-out airfare shopping spree — which I fully encourage under the circumstances — you should know that there are a few restrictions to the sale. Unfortunately, the offer isn't going to help you achieve your holiday travel dreams. Per the terms and conditions on the Qatar Airways site, "promotional fares are not available for travel from 13 December 2018 until 13 January 2019," so don't count on any deals in the weeks immediately before and after Christmas and New Year's. You also won't be able to take advantage of these great prices indefinitely: In order to be eligible for the sale, the travel you book through the airline must be completed by Feb. 20, 2019. Basically, you should use this opportunity to cram as many breathtaking experiences and extraordinary offers as possible into a one-year period... excluding the holiday season, of course.

In addition to great discounts on flights that would normally be wildly expensive, the promotion comes with other travel perks and exclusive offers. Travelers who book before Mar. 7, 2018 are eligible for a 15 percent discount on every Qatar Airways airport lounge (they look really nice), a 15 percent discount off Al Maha services (which, according to the Web site is a meet-and-greet program designed to "ensure a comfortable and speedy experience when arriving, departing, or transferring through Hamad International Airport," Qatar's primary air travel hub), 10 percent off car rentals, and 10 perfect off luxury airport transfers. Save money on the actual airfare and you can spend the rest of your allotted travel budget on (discounted!) conveniences that actually sound like they could make a trip to a somewhat remote location a lot easier.

If a reduced-price adventure like this appeals to you, check out the "Breathtaking Experiences, Extraordinary Offers" landing page for all the details and to start the booking process. You can thank me later for curing your late-February-early-March blues. (And at a reasonable price!)