How To Get Instagram Face Filters

Today marks a very special day for Instagrammers who once wished that they could spice up their stories and posts with something other than a dope filter. Today, Instagram has blessed us with face filters! If you felt like there was something missing in your Instagram stories experience, I’m pretty sure this has added a considerable milestone to your life online along with the day you forgot your Myspace password and never logged back in.

So what’s the secret on how to get Instagram face filters? It’s simple. Open the app store, Google Play, or Android right now and get the update! If you don’t have version 10.21, you’re exactly who I’m talking to. This new feature includes everything from a flower crown to furry animals, but it’s still part of the easy, user-friendly interface you love on Instagram. Heed these words: this update will make your whole day, just do it!

But face filters aren’t the only thing to look forward to! Instagram is rolling out new camera features that are about to transform your selfie taking experience. Not only can you take a quick video and have it play in reverse, joining the boomerang function in motion-altering tech. You can also throw in a hashtag via text or choose the hashtag sticker, and search with it. Last but not least, there’s a new drawing tool or “eraser brush.” Now, this isn’t any ordinary eraser used to edit things or brush over a few lighting flaws. Nope. Now, you can take a photo and create a secret reveal of sorts.

When you take a photo, you can layer it with color on top. And just like the creative geniuses at Instagram devised, you can now use a drawing tool to reveal parts of the photo and add text.


I know, mind blowing.

So you’ve updated your phone and are already planning your next assault on the ‘gram, now what? Well, for starters, let’s work on helping you slay your next Instagram story photo:

Open The App Store

OK, not going to warn you again. The update is necessary and I know people get fussy about space on their phone, but this is a social media emergency! Check if you have version 10.21. If not, it’s time to #bossup!

Open Instagram

Once you’re all up to date, open the app and navigate to the little camera icon in the upper left hand corner.

Select The "Face Icon".


Once you open your camera, I’m sure you’ll notice something is a little different. At the bottom right corner, you’ll see a face icon! Once you tap the icon, the whole world opens up! You see a selection of fun face filters for you to choose.

4. Swipe left/right to select face filter.


If you want to turn your camera around and share a funny story or take a video of a friend doing something even sillier, you can. The sky’s the limit here, folks!

5. Glo up!


This maybe shouldn’t be a step, but it’s worth saying. Try on a face filter, grab a friend, create your own Instagram stories series ... just live your best life!

After the first few compliments or messages casually sliding into your DMs, I don’t expect a thank you. In fact, you’re welcome and good luck!