How To Get Out Of Your Own Head, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Sometimes the outside world can be stressful, and even the best of us extroverts can't stand it out here. So instead, we retreat to our most comfortable spots — inside our heads. And while introspection can be a useful tool, sometimes it can get you a little stuck.

There are a variety of ways we can stop overthinking and start living — part of it is practicing mindfulness and being present with the moment. At the same time, some methods' effectiveness can be dictated by the differing energies of our zodiac signs. As each of our energies is drained differently by staying too much in our heads, we may regain those through different ways. Thus, finding the way to get out of your head based on your sign is a good idea.

Some signs may seek more emotional connection. Some need to be alone, but switch their mode of stimuli. It all depends on the direction your soul, and what has the greatest power over you. The more awareness you have about what your strengths and weaknesses are, you'll have more control over your way of being and perception. Read on to find out more about the formula that will help you slip out of your slump:


As a kid at heart who may sometimes get caught up in the present moment's drama, the best way to come back to earth is for you to watch a movie and entertain yourself. Tube time may help you feel better about observing other people's lives, fictional or not, and is a way to feel good about yourself without getting overly caught up in your own hard situations.


Take a walk in nature. You're an earth sign who loves to stay grounded in your routines. Simply getting outside the house, away from the material possessions that may stress you out, may help you reconnect with the flow of life.


Go and party. As a Gemini, you're too intellectual to really go too off the deep end when it comes to having a good time. But being around other people and going with the mantra of, "think less, do more," may ultimately serve you well.


You're the sign of the crab, so sometimes you may retreat and isolate yourself when things feel too intense. That's definitely important — but after some time, make sure you spend quality time out of your shell. You're a very sensitive sort who sometimes can keep secrets from others. Being more vulnerable, whether it's to your diary or your most trusted confidante, can help you feel a little less alone. It's just that first step that matters!


Pamper yourself. You're good at working with groups, Leo, but check in and make sure you're also doing you. When you get caught up in how others see you or what they're thinking — which is the primary way you may be stuck in your head — take a moment to take care of your physical needs, glam-style. Doing your nails or taking a long bubble bath may be the way to remember that you come first, giving you energy to reconnect with the world in a revitalized manner!.


Clean. It's weird, but you care a lot about your space and having control. Sometimes, when you're stuck, cleaning is your best form of meditation. The soothing repetition of the gesture can help you clear your mind and get back to what matters — the cleanliness of your life, physically but also figuratively!


Libra, you're so charming that everyone wants to get ahold of you, which can make you feel very intensely and retreat more than you realize. So do yourself a solid by going somewhere new on an adventure. And try to go alone — the combination of solitude but an external new environment will help you reconnect with your innermost values.


Journal out all those intense feelings. The more you process the internal, the more you must see it in the external — so try and make sure your diary is getting the earful it needs. You'll feel so much better once you've word vom'd it all out, and be ready to go show off your awesome gifts of perception to the outside world again!


For you, Sagittarius, your biggest value is freedom. You want to feel like you have all possible forms of autonomy, which is hard when we have so many obligations in this life. So try and work it out physically to get a much-needed burst of energy. Once you're feeling like you've painted/walked/kick-boxed out all that energy, you'll feel re-centered.


Make yourself laugh. Comedy is gold, and you're a very serious sign. Make sure you lighten up and see the world from a funnier perspective! When you get stuck in your head, you can be very hard to get out of it. So make it a habit to watch shows or Netflix specials that will remind you there is a lot to giggle about — taking you out of heated, overthinking moments real fast!


Do some research down a rabbit hole. Learning about new things will actually help you detach from your own drama and remember there's an outside world for you to explore, Aquarius! You love committing yourself to noble causes. Getting lost down Wikipedia's pages of information or reading a good nonfiction book may help you remember how many are out there, in the external world outside your mind, to learn about.


Sleep more. Your spiritual body needs some rest to stay in working condition — so treat your physical body to it first. You may overthink when you're zapping the last of your energy, so once you nap it out, so to speak, you'll feel a lot more able to face what's out there!