Here's How To Get A Pizza For Just $5.99 At Pizza Hut All Month Long

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Pizza Hut

If your New Year's resolution was to eat more pizza, first of all, same. And, second of all, you're going to be pretty psyched about this special deal from Pizza Hut, which will allow you to get tons of pizza — at a discount. Is there any better way to get pizza?! Starting Jan. 11, 2018, Pizza Hut is launching a deal that will allow customers who are purchasing two or more medium 2-topping pizzas nab those pizzas for only $5.99 each. That's it! No catches, no fine print — just order two or more pizzas, and each of them will only total $5.99. So, how do you get Pizza Hut's $5.99 deal, now that you know it exists? Don't worry, it's super easy.

So, typically, a medium 2-topping pizza starts at around $11.99 at Pizza Hut, so this deal is basically 2-for-1 (sure, not exactly, but two $5.99 pizzas totals to $11.98, so it's close enough) which, if you ask me, is pretty sweet. Even if you're only ordering pizza for yourself, the truth is, you can never order too much — you can always refrigerate or freeze the remaining pieces for later, or just eat them all in one sitting. Live your life! And if you're with a group, well, that makes this deal even more of a no-brainer — you can literally never have too much pizza when you're ordering for a group. Think about it: Have you ever been to a pizza party where there's too much pizza left over and the host just didn't know what to do with all the extras? I didn't think so. So, with this deal, you can order the correct amount of pizza for your Sunday night TV-watching party crew, and not break the bank either. It's so cheap, you can even make a thing out of it and do it every week as long as the deal lasts.

Additionally, if you're a Pizza Hut rewards member, you'll be happy to know that all $5.99 pizza purchases will count towards your Hut Rewards points, so it could eventually lead to you getting free pizza if you're a member.

To claim the $5.99 each deal, all you have to do is head to a local Pizza Hut, call a local Pizza Hut, order online, or use the Pizza Hut app to place your order, beginning Jan. 11. (A note about the Pizza Hut app: it allows you to track your pizza and will offer you a realistic wait time clock, so you know exactly how many minutes need to pass before the pizza you just ordered is in front of your face. This is quite possibly one of the most important inventions of our time. So, you know, I recommend the app — but do you, you know? There's no wrong way to order pizza!)

So, what's left to ponder? Invite your friends over for a group Netflix binge! Have an adult dinner party that looks fancy but includes foods you can only find on a Pizza Hut menu! Rewatch the all the Harry Potter movies while you eat pizza! Throw a friend a surprise pizza party for their birthday (or even just a day that's not their birthday)! When you really think about it, it's not that hard to find an excuse to order a ton of cheap pizza and have some friends over to eat it with you — just say you're celebrating it being a day that ends in a 'y' and make that pizza order you know you're already thinking about. I'm already on the app putting mine in now.