How To Get Rid Of Germs In Your House With 11 Genius Products

I'm am not by any measure a germaphobe. I am, however, someone who likes to know how to keep my home and surroundings less germy, and so this often becomes an issue. See, I'm a really big fan of beneficial bacteria, which exist in your body and on your skin to help you digest food, keep harmful bacteria in check, and balance out your immune system. That being said, products and cleaning tactics that promise antibacterial properties also wipe out these good bacteria, ultimately weakening your immune system and leaving you more susceptible to all the gross stuff in the world. (I'm talking to you, Purell Dispenser.)

The answer? Purifying your house and surroundings naturally and with healthy ingredients that limit your pollutant load, instead of adding to it. If you're able to remove pesticides from your food, reduce chemicals in your drinking water, and ionize smells and viruses in your car, you'll feel better about your routine without the harmful effects of bleaching everything within a 50 foot radius. You'll also be doing your immune system a huge favor because you're sanitizing without hurting the beneficial bacteria that just want to help your body out.

Cleanse Your Water As It Comes Out Your Faucet

PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter, $26, Amazon

This best-selling PUR advanced faucet water filter is beyond genius, because it hooks up straight to your faucet to remove over 70 types of contaminants that you normally find in your tap water. It's compatible with most sinks, has an easy one-click installation, works for up to three months, and tells you when it needs to be replaced. Best of all, water is cleaner, healthier, and tastes better.

This Genius Three-In-One Air Purifying System

GermGuardian Air Cleaning System, $85, Amazon

This isn't your average air purifier. The GermGuardian Air Cleaning System has a filter that captures 99.97 percent of dust and allergens, a UV-C light that kills airborne bacteria and viruses, and a charcoal filter that takes care of odors from pets, smoking, cooking, or moisture. Especially reviewers with allergies are saying things like, "I have to say, it has changed my life!"

Kitchen Towels That Are Anti-Fungal And Hypoallergenic

Brooklyn Bamboo Kitchen Towels, $19, Amazon

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm obsessed with bamboo everything, and these Brooklyn Bamboo kitchen towels are no exception. In addition to being so much softer and more absorbent than cotton, they're also way more sanitary. They're naturally anti fungal, hypoallergenic, and they dry much faster, meaning that mold, smells, and bacteria are no longer an issue while drying dishes.

This Natural Purifier And Essential Oil Diffuser

CrystalLitez Himalayan Salt Bowl Lamp, $28, Amazon

For a natural (and aesthetically pleasing) way to purify your home, there's this CrystalLitez Himalayan salt bowl lamp. The bowl itself comes in more than 24 handcrafted designs, and each one has a little bulb inside that heats the Himalayan crystal rocks, releasing negative ions into the air. These negative ions latch on to allergens and dust, removing them from your space. You can also drop some of your favorite essential oils directly into the bowl to create a natural diffuser.

For Hands, Doorknobs, Keyboards, And Steering Wheels

EO Hand Cleansing Natural Fiber Wipes, $21, Amazon

Infused with natural and purifying lavender essential oil, these EO hand cleansing natural fiber wipes are an awesome thing to have for hands and other dirty surfaces. Because they skip all the harsh synthetic ingredients and scents, they're extra gentle, and they use organic alcohol to disinfect surfaces like doorknobs, keyboards, and steering wheels. They also come in a travel-friendly tub that dispenses one at a time.

This Ionizing Purifier That Plugs Into Your Car

Car Air Purifier, $19, Amazon

This genius little car air purifier plugs straight into your cigarette lighter. It actually produces negative ions which destroy odor-causing particulates, improving the smell and the quality of the air you breathe. In addition to eliminating smells like smoke and staleness, it also gets rid of mold, bacteria, and viruses to keep you healthy throughout your commute.

This Natural Way To Wash Contaminants Off Your Food

O3 Pure Elite Fruit & Vegetable Washer System, $130, Amazon

If the idea of pesticides freaks you out, this O3 Pure Elite fruit and vegetable washer system is an incredible investment. It produces thousands of 03 bubbles, which safely and effectively rid all foods (fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood) of pesticides and other contaminants. It uses absolutely no chemicals, and it's got a timer on it, so you know when your food is fresh, clean, and ready to go. "I had not eaten grapes for twenty years because I would have an allergic reaction," says one reviewer. "It turned put[sic] to be the pesticide residue that was causing my reaction. The Elite 50 solved that problem."

Deodorize Your Fridge And Keep Things Fresher Longer

Berry Breeze Activated Oxygen Refrigerator Deodorizer, $20, Amazon

The Berry Breeze activated oxygen refrigerator deodorizer is a cute little pod that sits on your refrigerator shelf to kill bacteria and mold around your food. It also keeps your fruits and vegetables from spoiling, so food lasts up to three times longer in the fridge. That means less money spent on produce, and a more sanitary way to store your food.

This Mini Vacuum For Your Desk And Keyboard

ShineMe Mini Table Dust Vacuum Cleaner, $15, Amazon

If your desk tends to collect dust, crumbs, and eraser shavings like nothing else, then this ShineMe mini table dust vacuum cleaner is the answer. It's quiet, lightweight, portable, and really small, so it's easy to store and use, and it's powered entirely by batteries, so wires aren't an issue. The bottom is removable to dump out anything that you collect, and reviewers are saying, "Just what I needed to keep table and keyboard clean."

This Brush Cleaning Set For A More Hygienic Beauty Routine

Dream Beauty Box Brush Cleaning Kit, $14, Amazon

People often don't realize how much residue and how many germs collect on their makeup brushes. This Dream Beauty Box brush cleaning kit comes with a silicon heart scrubbing brush to effectively remove excess makeup and bacteria, and it also has a quick color change dry sponge that removes any powder without water, so you can instantly use it for another shade or type of makeup.

A Sterilizer For All The Small Stuff

Bluelasers Portable UV Light Sterilizer, $40, Amazon

This Bluelasers Portable UV Light Sterilizer zaps away 99 percent of germs and bacteria using a UV sanitizing light. It's got a universal phone charger port, so you can give your phone a boost while you're sanitizing it, and it's a great size for things like pens, jewelry, and toothbrushes, too. There's also an aromatherapy function to make all your stuff smell fresh, and it's powered by USB for your convenience.

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