You Can Get The New iPhone Emojis Before Everyone Else — Here's How


There's always room for more emoji, and Apple is well-aware of that fact. Thousands of emoji are already available on iOS, but there are a select handful that have been missing from our keyboards for some time now — including a redhead emoji. If you're wondering how to get the new iOS emoji using the public beta, then you're in luck — it's actually super easy for iPhone users to do.

First, a bit about these emoji we're all about to get: Apple previewed the long-awaited redhead on World Emoji Day, along with a few other super cool additions. Your time to shine is finally here redheads, because Apple recently announced that the fiery-haired emoji is finally available as a part of the iOS public beta. That's not all that you'll get, either: there's also brand new bald, curly, and gray haired emoji, along with a Frisbee, lacrosse stick, red envelope, and even a bagel (because bagels are an important part of all of our lives, honestly).

These new additions are currently only available through the iOS public beta — if you have no idea what that is or how to get it, read on for all the instructions you need to download it ASAP.

First, Back Up Your Phone

You don't want to lose any important data when updating your iOS software. Make sure everything is backed up before you proceed: you can quickly back up your phone via iCloud or iTunes. iCloud will back up your iPhone's data automatically (provided you have iOS 5 or later already downloaded), but you have to make sure the feature is on first. To turn iCloud on, first make sure your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Go to the Settings app, then choose iCloud, then choose Backup. From there, you can turn on iCloud Backup if it wasn't already turned on. Once you're sure that you've successfully connected to a Wi-Fi network, choose Back Up Now. You probably already know the drill for backing up with iTunes. To backup using iTunes, you need to have a computer (PC or Mac) running iTunes. For the simplest back-up, simply connect your device to your computer with a USB cord. Then open iTunes (if doesn't automatically), and click File, Devices , and finally. Backup. You can also click "Backup Up Now" from Summary page.

Go To Apple's Beta Program

You can find the page here. Once you're there, choose "Sign Up" and enroll your device by entering your Apple ID information. Next, you can navigate here on your iOS device and choose "Download profile."From there, you can update your iOS device to install the beta software.

... And Then Un-Enroll

When the emojis are finally *officially* released by Apple (they haven't yet said when that will be), you can choose to un-enroll from the Public Beta program. To do that, head back to Settings, go to General, and then click Profiles. There, choose iOS Beta Software Profile. Select Remove Profile, and voila — your iOS device will no longer receive any public betas. You can sign back up whenever there's another cool Public Beta feature you want to try out.

Have fun enjoying the new emojis early by using Apple's iOS Public Beta — Instagram captions are about to get seriously spruced up.