How To Get Tickets To The 'Love Island' Final & Experience The Drama IRL

by Sophie McEvoy
Love Island/ITV

It's only been on the box for two weeks but already, people are talking about who's going to win Love Island 2018. Fancy being part of the big day when Caroline Flack announces those ever important results? Well, I guess you'll probably need to know how to get tickets to the Love Island final.

There isn't an official date for the final as of yet, but going by when it began airing and its new eight-week schedule, the final should be on Monday July 30. At least that's what my money's on. But it is Love Island after all, so that could all change until it's officially announced. After all, the producers have been known to throw in a curve ball or too when they feel like it. Not that this uncertainty has stopped fans from wanting to witness who will be crowned winner in person. I mean, the final takes place right outside the villa in Majorca. Who wouldn't want to be there?

Unfortunately, as with everything that sounds too good to be true, these tickets are a tad hard to come by — but I've got you covered. Here is all the information you need to be the first to see who wins Love Island 2018 in the flesh.

How Do You Get Tickets & How Much Are They?

These tickets aren't actually received in the conventional sense. Instead of heading to an a ticket retailer, you actually need to head over to the Applause Store website. But since a date has yet to be announced, tickets are not available as of yet. But, if you register on the site, you can choose to be kept posted with notification alerting you when tickets do become available.

As with the other shows that Applause Store offer — like the X Factor and Celebrity Juice — tickets are free, but they are offered at random. As said on the site, after requesting a ticket, you'll know you were successful if you have "received an e-ticket directly to your email 48 hours PRIOR to your chosen date."

Basically, you won't be out of pocket either way. But your ticket isn't guaranteed.

Are Flights & Accommodation Paid For?

Spoiler alert: the Love Island final doesn't take place in the UK, and Applause Store do not pay for travel or accommodation. As stated in the FAQ, the company does not offer transportation services. Although, with last year's Love Island finale, the company made it clear that if you were on holiday in Majorca at the same time of the finale, "return local transport to the villa and refreshments [are] provided."

I mean, looking at Google Flights, travelling from the UK to Majorca can be quite cheap — between £100 and £200 — but you could just watch it from the comfort of your own home, without forking out on flights and hotels.

But if you've already got a holiday booked on the island at the same time as the finale however, why not just go for it? What have you got to lose? It's one night in a probable one week holiday, and it will be an unforgettable experience.

Are There Any Other Ways Of Getting Tickets?

There are plenty of competitions for tickets to the final show. The beauties that are Jet2Holidays, Kellogg's, Echo Falls Wine, and Lucozade are all offering two tickets to the final in various ways, including tagging a friend and describing "why they're 100 percent your type on paper", to posing a selfie with a promotional pack of cereal.

In some ways, requesting tickets through Applause Store is a prize draw in itself, so what's the harm in entering everything if you're really, really, wanting to jet off to the Love Island villa?

You've seriously got nothing to lose, so go on, put all your eggs in one basket and keep your fingers crossed.