How To Handle A Meeting When You Have Nothing To Say, According To Twitter

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

We've all had this moment: it's a Friday afternoon and you're 45 minutes into your hour-long team meeting. From the corner of your eye you can spot a hint of sunshine and blue sky from outside the window, while you remain trapped on the other side of the concrete wall, held hostage. You can practically taste the sweet freedom of the weekend, so much so that you completely zone out for the last 15 minutes. You come to, just as your manager is asking your opinion. On what? You're not entirely sure. But don't worry, Twitter has you covered: users have taken to the social media platform to share how they handle a meeting when they have absolutely nothing to add.

I've been there more than once. I remember sitting in my first ever production meeting, and having absolutely no clue what anyone was talking about. I felt completely out of place: I kept trying to follow the conversation and getting side tracked. Without realizing it, my mind dozed off, until I was abruptly yanked out of my daze by a superior, asking for my two cents. Unsure what we were even discussing, I cleared my throat, mustered up all of my confidence, and declared, "That could potentially be problematic." It worked like a charm.

Check out the following tweets for more pro-tips on how to recover in a meeting — if they don't help you out, they'll at the very least make you laugh.

1. Balance is Key

adamhess1 on Twitter

This is such a generic phrase that there's like a 70 percent chance it'll relate in some way.

2. The Classic Follow Up

harry_rose on Twitter

Follow up questions are a great way to divert the attention away from yourself. Nice!

3. Baby Got Back-Tracking

ikeh10 on Twitter

Yes, let's take a step back so I can actually figure out what's going on right now.

4. Back To The Future

lookmxn_ on Twitter

Aka let's end this meeting early and break for lunch.

5. Action, Not Reaction

helpmeout66 on Twitter

Wait a second — I don't even know what an action point is, and like, I'm ready to promote you. That was so convincing.

6. We Can All Agree On This

jwalkup on Twitter

Wow, this is so good because it just can't not be true!

7. Talking Shapes

wunjot on Twitter

How do you square a circle? What? Can you oval a triangle?

8. Throw In Some Medical Jargon

wrightlines on Twitter

It sounds right, and yet, I don't think it is.

9. Say Something — Anything

maffymadeit on Twitter

Say something I'm giving up on you.

10. Absolutely Positively

barryfallon on Twitter

I've also found that "completely" and "totally" can also be effective.

11. Paper Planes

impersk on Twitter

"Oh don't mind me! Just studying this super complex graph, definitely not making a grocery list."

12. Morally Righteous

realwillowtree on Twitter

Such as: integrity, purpose, and paying very little attention.

13. Catch 22

jonmsutton on Twitter

Everything usually is. This is very philosophical.

14. Who Knows What Will Happen In The Future?

dotuna_ on Twitter

This answer says: I'm cool, I'm flexible, I go with the flow, I pay attention.

15. If All Else Fails, State The Obvious

Clearly, we need a plan. Done!

So the next time you ignore your Sunday scaries and go into Monday totally unprepared, don't freak out — just fake it 'till you make it. Borrow one of these super smart phrases and impress in front of your entire office. Who knows, maybe square + circle = promotion and early raise!