How To Help Animal Shelters In The Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian


With the death toll for cats and dogs in the Bahamian animal shelter system rising to nearly 100 in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, which made landfall in the Bahamas in the beginning of September, The Humane Society of Grand Bahamas is in dire need of support. As the devastation the hurricane left in its wake continues to threaten the shelters' abilities to properly care for animals, The Humane Society is asking for financial aid in order to rebuild structural damage that cost many local cats and dogs their lives. If you're wondering how to help animal shelters in the Bahamas right now, you'll want to head directly to the Humane Society's gofundme page and donate, ASAP.

According to USA Today, while the six shelter employees and 150 pets narrowly survived floodwaters that tore through their facility, they're shaken and understandably traumatized by the experience. Shelter director Tip Burrows told USA Today that while staff are "heartbroken" over the "horrific losses," the love and support that the shelter is receiving is much appreciated.

If you're in a position to help out the Bahamian shelter dogs, these are a few different ways you can lend your support. In this type of situation, every dollar counts, and sharing the donation and support links with friends and followers on your social media networks will help raise even more awareness, which can translate into resources and aid.

Donate To The Humane Society


Donations to the Freeport Bahamas at The Humane Society of Grand Bahamas will go towards securing planes to help bring supplies and volunteers in, and when safe, dogs and cats out. While we can't go back and prevent the damage that's already been done, we can ensure the recovery goes smoothly.

Adopt From The Bahamas Humane Society


In the market for a new dog? Instead of getting a pup from your local shelter, get in touch with the Bahamas Humane Society and consider adopting one of their available pups, to make room for new dogs at the shelter. They will help you work through the logistics to get your new pup as smoothly as possible.

Send Supplies & Help

The Bahamas Humane Society said in a Facebook post earlier this week that they were in need of supplies and are currently taking on volunteers. If you're interested, email with the subject of "Volunteer".

Help Spread The Word


The Bahamas Humane Society is offering help to people who are currently looking for a dog, in need assistance relocating a dog, or need help with the dogs they are currently sheltering, and more. Let your friends and followers know that dog owners can get help be emailing with the subject "Assistance Needed."


The Kohn Foundation, a non-profit dog rescue relief program that works with the Humane Society of Grand Bahama is currently looking for volunteers in a variety of positions. These needs will only continue to increase, so if you or anyone you know is looking for a volunteer opportunity in the Bahamas, now, or in the next few weeks, click this link and get in touch with the foundation.