How To Hide Offensive Comments On Instagram

In the land of social media, inappropriate and offensive comments are much too common. Especially if your profiles are public, the possibility that someone will post something outright inappropriate is always there — unfortunately. Well, luckily, Instagram has a solution for you. Starting Thurs, Jun. 29 users can hide offensive comments on Instagram. Finding out a new filter has been introduced on Instagram is always great, but this update is, dare I say, even better. While the app was already making strides to hide spam and the like, this update takes it one step further.

When explaining the need for the update, Instagram explained that users reported being discouraged from using the app when toxic comments appeared. When I think of Instagram, I view it as a happy community filled with beautiful posts. However, with the ease at which others can view your images, the risk is there that someone will be disruptive. No matter how "shake it off" your attitude is, reading an offensive comment on your post never feels good, and can be detrimental from a mental health standpoint. So, the big question, how do you hide offensive comments on Instagram?

1. Update Your App

Your first step towards less negativity in your life is to pop over to the app store and update Instagram. Then head back into the app and go to your profile.

2. Confirm It's Turned On In Your Settings


Once you're in your profile, click on your settings icon. Scroll down and click on comments. You should see a category called Default Keywords. Under it, there will be a bar that reads Hide Offensive Comments. Slide that on, and you're good to go. Currently this setting is only available in English but Instagram is working to expand to more languages soon.

3. How To Turn Off The Setting

If you notice that comments you want to see are being filtered out or you simply don't want to have the blocker on, it's easy to turn off. Just go back into settings where you clicked it on and switch it to off. You can go back in at any time and turn it back on.

It's great to see Instagram working towards creating a safer space online. Offensive comments are unnecessary and, while you can go through and block the people, not seeing them in the first place is even better. Go forth and post knowing your community just got nicer.