Here’s How To Host A Galentine’s Day Party To Support Planned Parenthood

by Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro
Hannah Burton / Bustle

Any Parks and Recreation fan knows that Galentine's Day is just as much a holiday as Valentine's Day. Galentine's Day, traditionally the day before Valentine's Day, is Leslie Knope's tradition of celebrating her closest gal pals, and all the empowered women who inspired her personally and politically. This year, the Planned Parenthood of New York City (PPNYC) Activist Council wants to join the Galentine's Day fun: They've come up with a toolkit on how to host a Galentine's Day party to support Planned Parenthood.

Alissa Vladimir, PPNYC Activist Council Fundraising Group Co-Chair, tells Bustle that the group "came up with this idea and developed the Galentine’s Party Toolkit to raise money in a fun, low-key way with friends." Though the fundraiser was created to raise money for PPNYC, Vladimir says the effort is completely "activist-led," meaning you can host your very own Galentine's Day party supporting your local Planned Parenthood center, or even the national organization. In the toolkit, PPNYC suggests having your friends who are attending Galentine's Day festivities to make a donation to Planned Parenthood, whether it's a one-time donation, or recurring monthly amount. Donations raised for Planned Parenthood help "support birth control access, life-saving cancer screenings, sexually transmitted infection education and testing, education programing, wellness exams, local advocacy initiatives, and visits." Galentine's Day is the perfect way to celebrate your friends while also supporting an important cause.

Here are a few more suggestions on how you can throw the best Galentine's Day party ever in support of Planned Parenthood.


Hold A Small Gift Raffle

To show appreciation for your friends who donated to Planned Parenthood and attended your Galentine's Day party, host a small raffle. If your guests make an extra donation to Planned Parenthood at the door, throw in an extra entry! Stock the gift giveaway with goodies that donate part of their proceeds to PP, like this cute AF "Resting Bitch Face" shirt from Valfre. Or, buy accessories and apparel directly from the Planned Parenthood Marketplace.


Have A Valentine Writing Station

It's not Valentine's Day unless you're willing to get a little cheesy, Vladimir tells Bustle that "sending PPNYC safe sex Valentines, and crafting handmade cards to thank a health center care worker or abortion provider are a couple of [PPNYC Fundraising Group's] favorite activities."

Have an area at your Galentine's Day party where attendees can write notes expressing gratitude to your local Planned Parenthood employees and volunteers. They catch a lot of heat from anti-choice protestors and politicians, so let them know why you appreciate them, and the work they do for reproductive justice.


Host A Gift Exchange

In addition to the Galentine's Day festivities, see if party attendees want to participate in a small, $10 and under gift exchange — with all Planned Parenthood and safe sex-themed items — like this pro-choice pin from Radical Buttons.


Set Up A PP-themed Photobooth

If you want your party to be Insta-worthy, set up a Galentine's day-themed DIY photo booth. Hang some hearts, and make a few props — including a sparkly "#GalentinesDay" sign. Also, you can have your attendees make their own signs about why they personally support Planned Parenthood (then tag @PPNYCAction!).


Birth Control Cupcakes

PPNYC suggests in their toolkit to have a Galentine's Day potluck for easy snack planning, but also recommend making cute reproductive health themed desserts — like these birth control cupcakes on Pinterest. Since Galentine's Day is all about channeling Leslie Knope, consider setting up a waffle bar with a bunch of tasty topping options.


Or, Marathon Parks And Rec

Considering Galentine's Day was created on Parks and Rec, it seems totally fitting that PPNYC Fundraising Group's toolkit suggest to marathon the show. While you and your Galentine's Day dates rewatch your favorite Galentine's Day episodes, don't forget to "treat yo'self" Donna Meagle-style with DIY face masks.


Make Goodie Bags — With PP Swag And Direct Action Items

Check in with your local Planned Parenthood to see if you can pick up PP pens, pins, stickers, or condoms for Galentine's Day goodie bags. But, most importantly, create and print your own toolkit to give to your friends so they can keep collecting donations for Planned Parenthood long after Feb. 13. The PPNYC Fundraising Group's toolkit suggests asking local businesses, employers, and friends on social media to match your Galentine's Day donations. Being sure to follow-up your Galentine's Day activities with more direct actions or fundraising events is key.

Donations are crucial to helping Planned Parenthood fight for reproductive justice and maintain safe, accessible health care to those who need it. You can make your Galentine's Day all about having fun with your friends, while supporting the fight for reproductive justice.