How To Join Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program So You Can Make Sure You Get A New iPhone Before Everyone Else

In anticipation of Apple's iPhone X release, you might be starting to research how exactly to ensure one lands in your eager hands on Nov. 3. That's where Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program has its perks. Not part of it? Here's what you need how to join Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program so that you can get pre-approved for future iPhone launches. "Pre-approved" has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Whenever your favorite brand releases a new product that people are drooling over the mere marketing material for, it's nice to feel like a VIP. Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program is one of the ways to get that red carpet treatment vibe or have people assume that you and Tim Cook must be the best of friends. When really, the program is the simplest way to expedite your upgrading process. It's designed to ensure that every year you have the latest development in the coolest technological accessory — I mean, phone. But really, all of the iPhone releases are so aesthetically pleasing that they're more like fashion pieces you happen to be able to interact with. A bonus for being a part of the program is that AppleCare coverage is included.

As we wait in these final days for the moment we get to caress the newly designed iPhone X and snap Pulitzer Prize in Photography worthy selfies, here is what you need to know about joining the program. And what getting pre-approved for the iPhone X ~all means~.

How Do I Get An iPhone X With The iPhone Upgrade Program?

Cellular providers and Apple stores across the nation are preparing for long lines and heavy hoards of people. Past iPhone model releases sold out quickly and because of a shortage in supply with the iPhone X's release on Nov. 3, it's expected to sell out faster than usual. TIME reports that Apple was expected to have 40 million units for the launch, but because of production issues they reportedly only have half of that stock. Don't stress. though: You could be one of the lucky 20 million.

If you're a seasoned member of the iPhone Upgrade Program, you could already be on your way to pre-approval for the X as of Oct. 23. Just enter your information to get approved for the switch. This pre-approval will streamline the check out process when pre-orders for the phone officially kick off on Oct. 27 at 12:01 a.m. PDT and 3:01 p.m. EDT. However, Apple mentions that even if you're a program member, pre-approval does not actually guarantee reserving a phone. Because of the production shortage, the iPhone X will be dished out on a first-come, first-serve basis. Wipe that stress sweat from your forehead because there's no need to panic. Just be awake at check out time since you'll be ready to go.

Joining The Program

If you're not already a member, the iPhone Upgrade Program won't work its pre-approval magic for you just yet. You'll have to wait until Oct. 27 at 3:01 ET or 12:01 PT to pre-order your iPhone X. But you can join at that time — that way, when future phones are released you will be prepared to check out as far in advance as possible.

A little more about the program before you commit, Business Insider explains that the program is a, "24-month installment loan with 0 percent interest. It includes AppleCare and breaks down the cost of both the phone and the insurance plan into 24 equal payments. Sales tax is due up front, no matter how you buy it." Added benefits go on to include trade-ins just after six months of payments. Basically, even if you're not due for an upgrade, you don't want to wait your contract out. You'll be able to trade in your new phone for an updated one, insuring that you're always answering texts in style. And you'll be getting AppleCare, an affordable way to insure your phone will get the best tech support around.

Happy upgrading!