Here's How To Make A DIY Ta-Ta Towel At Home

by Kali Borovic

Odds are that you've seen the infamous Ta-Ta Towels by now. The product holds your boobs up to prevent them from getting sweaty in summer heat. Sounds amazing, right? Well, some people apparently think that they can do it better. Here's how to make your own Ta-Ta Towels at home, if the trend isn't perfect for you. Because boob-sweat hacks have been around forever, and some of them are pretty great.

How much would you pay to keep your boobs dry all summer? While some people say it's priceless, others have a set amount in mind. According to the brand's website, the Ta-Ta Towels are a cool $45. For that price you'll get one double-sided boob hammock with adjustable straps. People on the brand's Facebook page think it's a little pricey. Especially when you factor is shipping costs.

There's also the problem of sizing. The Ta-Ta Towels are designed for boob sizes C though H, which means smaller boobs are left un-toweled. I can personally attest to the fact that small boobs sweat, and so can people in the comments on the Facebook page. Bustle reached out to the brand about sizing and price to see if any changes will be make in the future, as it is a fairly new item.

Luckily, since there has been boob sweat to bug people, there have been hacks to make it go away. Not all of them are as simple, and, dare I say it, stylish as the Ta-Ta Holders, but they will cost you way less. In fact, a lot of the items you might already have. Here are all the ways to DIY your boob towel.

1. An Over-Sized T-Shirt

Ta. Da. Shirt, $20, Etsy

This one is most simple of all. Just slip on an over-sized shirt and tuck the extra fabric under your boobs. Ta-da! No more boob sweat.

2. Hair Towel

DevaTowel Anti-Frizz Towel, $20, Sephora

You know that hair towel you have lying around your bathroom? Just wrap it underneath your boobs instead.

3. Paper Towels

Not the trendiest idea, but there is the paper towel option.

4. Powder

Silky Underwear, $11, Lush

Believe it or not, Lush actually makes a powder specifically for this problem. No one will know that you're wearing this one.

5. Pillow Case

Ultra Soft Pillow Case Set, $11, Target

Just cut a pillow case open, drape it around your neck, and tuck it under your boob to get a similar look to the Ta-Ta Towel.

Who knew so many household items could soak up boob sweat?