8 Genius Products That Make Doing Laundry Easier

In my opinion, laundry is way up there on the "worst things about adulting" list; it's matched only by taxes and the fact that it's no longer socially acceptable to get psyched about bouncy castles. Thankfully, however, certain products and tricks can make laundry day way easier, and because you're likely using one of your two days off to clean your clothes every week, these genius laundry inventions are definitely something to get excited about (not bouncy-castle level excited, but pretty damn close).

Personally, I don't have time to stand next to the washing machine scrubbing at Saturday night's newest wine stain for two hours. That being said, I also don't feel comfortable loading my clothes with harmful chemicals and detergents (even if they're effective with stain removal), because I'm relatively big on the clean living lifestyle, and I like to cut out toxins wherever I can.

As a result, I'm looking for effective products that are also safe to use alongside sensitive skin, and I'm looking for smart inventions that save me time and effort in the laundry room. If you're aiming to upgrade your detergents and gadgets, check out these odd but genius products that make cleaning your clothes so much easier.


This Safe Alternative Made From The Sapindus Mukorossi Fruit

NaturOli Soap Nuts, $17, Amazon

Loads of people are finding that their skin is too sensitive for synthetic detergents, but natural detergents don't work as well on stains and odors. Cue NaturOli Soap Nuts. They're sun-dried and USDA-organic Sapindus Mukorossi fruit from the Himalayas, and they release a soap-like detergent that actually cleans your clothes without harmful chemicals. They're a greener option, as you can reuse them multiple times, and they're totally safe for both you and the environment. This set comes with a wash bag and instructions.


This Genius Solution For Small Spaces

The Laundry Nook, $16, Amazon

If you're short on space or patience, The Laundry Nook is a simple but genius little invention. It hangs over your door with durable stainless steel hooks, it's got a convenient front hole for tossing your dirty clothes, and it has a zippered bottom to dump everything in the washer. "This laundry hamper is AWESOME!" says one reviewer. "The material is nice and thick - seems very durable in my opinion... This laundry bag can even be taken straight to the laundromat!"


Shave Your Favorite Sweater 'Til It Looks Like New

House of Wonderful Lint Shaver, $50, Amazon

Whether you've got a dog or a sweater obsession, the House of Wonderful lint shaver makes your favorite items of clothing (no matter how delicate) look like new again. It uses stainless steel precision rotary blades to remove annoying pills, and a reliable grill to keep your fabrics safe. It's battery operated, so it's travel-friendly, and it works on everything from couches to drapes.


Infinitely Better Than The Sink-Washing Method

Scrubba Portable Laundry System Wash Bag, $50, Amazon

For the avid traveler (or if you just don't have a washing machine in your apartment), the Scrubba portable laundry system wash bag is a total life-saver. Way more effective than washing your garments in the sink, this bag has hundreds of internal Scrubba nodules that efficiently clean clothes in minutes, and it's made from microbial-resistant polyether that doubles as a dry bag.


Workout Clothes Actually Smell Clean In One Wash

NoSweat Antibacterial Sports Wash, $16, Amazon

This one's for the athletes: NoSweat antibacterial sports wash, which penetrates way deeper into your fabrics to dissolve the most stubborn bacteria, fungi, and microbes without leaving a residue. It's made specifically for shoes and workout clothes that've had sweat poured into them, and runners, hot yogis, and even dog owners swear that things actually come out of the washer smelling clean.


This Stain-Removing Miracle In A Little Black Tube

Janie Stick Spot Cleaner, $6, Amazon

This genius little stick, called the Janie stick spot cleaner, is made with a combination of clays that pull the most stubborn spots and stains upwards and out. It's entirely natural, works on any kind of fabric without damaging it, has an included brush, and you don't even need water — it works on clothes even as you're wearing them. Needless to say, reviewers are calling it a "miracle in a little black tube."


Save Energy, Stop Static, Soften Clothes, And Protect Your Skin

Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls, $17, Amazon

Another awesome option if you're sensitive to fragrances and soaps, these Smart Sheep wool dryer balls are made from 100 percent premium New Zealand wool. Not only do they soften laundry and help to prevent static, but they shorten drying time and help you to save on your energy bill. This pack comes with six balls that are totally reusable, and they don't have any of the chemicals that dryer sheets have.


These Convenient Wipes For Old Or New Stains


Shout Wipes, $9, Amazon

People are totally flipping over these Shout Wipes, which they say are infinitely more effective than Tide To Go and way more convenient. While they're a great addition to any laundry room because they instantly remove dried-in stains, they also come in travel-friendly individual packets to keep at work or in your bag for emergencies. "These little towelettes work amazing!" says one reviewer. "I have NEVER had a product like this work but THIS ONE DOES. I'll never be without it now!" This one comes with two packs of 12 individual wipes.

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