How To Make The Unicorn Frappuccino Dairy-Free

by Kaitlyn Wylde

If you live on planet Earth, and have access to the internet, you probably know that Starbucks just released a super limited-time, rainbow-colored and flavored frozen treat. And if you're not about that lactose life, you're going to want to know how to make the Unicorn Frappuccino dairy-free ASAP so that you don't miss out on the trendy treat — because it's only here for four days. Talk about temporary!

As you may or may not already know, Starbucks can make most things on the menu dairy-free, if you tell them ahead of time. With soy milk, almond milk and now coconut milk, there are plenty of milk substitutes that are thick and creamy enough to blend seamlessly with their syrups, coffees, and teas. The Unicorn Frappuccino is no exception to this accommodation — just make sure you're clear about your restrictions so they don't top it off with a dairy whipped cream cap. Also just a heads-up, the cool blue drizzle is made with white mocha sauce, according to Starbucks' nutrition facts, which contains condensed skim milk. So, to make this beverage truly dairy-free, you're going to need to skip the blue drizzle.

When you go to order your sweet-to-sour ice-blend drink, make sure you specify that you want it entirely dairy-free, and then pick which milk substitute you want to use. While any option will taste fine, the changing quality of the drink might be slightly affected. But don't worry, it will still be just as bright and bold and colorful, you won't miss out on anything.

Here's what your rainbow dream will look like:


And if you want to get a better idea of just how far the Unicorn Frapp craze is going, you'll want to check out some of these tweets that really depict the colorful reactions people are having. This limited-time drink special will not come and go quietly:

We're Having A Baby

This woman literally used her Unicorn Frapp as a platform to tell her husband that they're expecting. Like, I didn't know that was a thing.


We're all also wondering if there are any long-term effects. How does this look on the way out?

Matching Manis

The Unicorn Frapp goes really well with pastel spring nails. Just sayin'.

Most People Love It

And found that the long lines were worth the wait.

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Image: Starbucks