Get Rid Of Musty Smells For Good With These Genius Ways To Make Your Closet Smell Amazing


When it comes to figuring out how to make your closet smell good, the first step is probably an odor eliminator. Most odor eliminators get rid of unwanted scents by absorbing the excess moisture from the air, while some electric options help remove particles that can trigger allergic reactions. After you're done with that step, you might want to consider selections that use gorgeous fragrances to freshen the area without actually the absorbing contaminants. But before you pull out your wallet and choose one, there are several important questions to consider.

If you're trying to avoid harsh chemicals, it may be beneficial to focus on natural odor eliminators such as charcoal-based products, which are also free of synthetic fragrances. And if you intend to use your eliminator to remove scents all around your home, you may want to consider decorative ones that blend into your decor. They're just as effective as their plain counterparts, but guests won't be able to easily tell you've been combating unwanted odors.

While it may not be the first thing you think of when sprucing up your home, keeping your closet clean and smelling nice can make a huge difference. With that in mind, here are some of the best odor eliminators that can help keep clothes from smelling musty in your closet.

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These Moisture Absorbers With More Than 2,500 Positive Reviews

If you're looking for something to prevent mustiness in your closet, search no further than these DampRid bags. While you can't see other eliminators working, the crystals inside these bags absorb the excess moisture that they pull from the air — and you can even watch as they slowly fill up with water. There's no electricity required for them to work, and each order comes with three. According to the brand, the bags should be replaced when the crystals in the upper portion disappear.

The best part? More than 2,500 Amazon shoppers have decided these bags are worth either four or five stars. One reviewer wrote: "The closets all have a fresh smell and they are dry. Would highly recommend to anyone who lives with humidity. They will become a necessity once you start to use them."

This Electric Odor Eliminator For Smoke And Pet Smells

When your closet smells musty, it's most likely caused by excess moisture. But if other contaminants are causing unwanted odors — like pets, tobacco, and more — this electric odor eliminator is a good option. With an internal fan, it can capture those unwanted scents in no time. The speed is adjustable so you can sleep while it's running without being disturbed, and each order also comes with a free scent cartridge.

The fan deodorizes the air in your room by pulling it through three built-in carbon filters, and it's incredibly energy-efficient. The average 15-watt light bulb uses more power than this machine. The entire unit can work for three months until needing a filter replacement, but the built-in indicator will let you know exactly when that needs to happen.

These Eco-Friendly Odor Eliminators That Are Also Decorative

Even though most odor eliminators aren't aesthetically pleasing, these activated bamboo ones look good no matter where you put them — including inside or outside of your closet. They're 100% organic as well as chemical-free, and each one is chock-full of natural bamboo charcoal that absorbs unwanted odors over time. The cover is made from eco-friendly fibers, and they're reusable for up to two years.

Whereas other charcoal odor eliminators require a hook or bar to hang from (like the ones listed below), these are made with a flat bottom that allows you to easily place them all around your home. Guests likely won't even be able to tell they're deodorizers, and you can even recycle the charcoal in your garden after they've lost their effectiveness.

A Popular Bag-Style Charcoal Odor Absorber

For a bag style you can hang easily, these charcoal deodorizer bags come in a pack of four at just $25. The bamboo charcoal filling is eco-friendly and chemical-free. Simply hang them in your closet using the built-in corner loop, or even lay them out in your car. They'll work in any confined space without a ton of airflow.

Even though they're more expensive than disposable deodorizers, these bags more than make up for it by being reusable for up to two years. After they've lost their odor-absorbing abilities, simply put them out in direct sunlight for a few hours to give them a quick recharge.

These Deodorizer Sachets That Use Essential Oils To Freshen The Air

For a closet pick that will leave a fresh scent left behind, these scented odor eliminator sachets not only come in a pack of 12 for an affordable $14, but there are also 16 refreshing scents to pick from. Lemongrass, lily, mango, French lavender, and more are available — and each one is formulated with essential oils. Each sachet has an essential oil concentration level of 85%, which allows the fragrances to last longer, as well as dissipate thoroughly. One customer wrote, "My closet is a good size and I used one spread out and it smells really nice. Even the whole bedroom can smell good." But unlike their odor-absorbing counterparts, these simply freshen odors rather than really absorbing them.

A Powder Option For Rugs And Other Soft Surfaces In Your Closet

When regular odor eliminators aren't potent enough to get musty smells out of rugs or carpeting, this deodorizing powder is a must. It's so strong that it can actually cleanse away allergens, remove pet stains, and more while not requiring scrubbing. It's also safe to sprinkle on all types of carpets and fabric, yet gentle enough that you can even use it on silk.

While it's safe to use on carpets, make sure to check your tags for more detailed instructions before using it to clean or deodorize upholstery or other items. Each order comes with 4 pounds. Just lightly brush it in, wait 30 minutes, then vacuum it up. You can safely walk on it since there are zero harsh chemicals in the formula, and you can even leave it on longer than 30 minutes if need be.