This Is The Glitter App All Your Favorite Celebs Are Using To Glam Up Their Instagrams

by Megan Grant

Have you ever seen a photo on a celeb's Instagram and notice they look positively radiant? Glowing? Shining bright like a diamond, as Rihanna might say? Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's this app that makes you sparkle. If your selfie game is strong but could use a little spice, you need Kirakira+ — the $0.99 app that has raised the bar on social media posts. According to the iTunes page, the app is able to apply its "glitter effect" filter to both photos and videos, making even the dullest pic dazzle, and helping light-emitting materials and reflective objects shine brighter than they already are. The app even lets you control the sparkle, allowing you to increase or decrease it to your satisfaction.

According to Mic, Kirakira+ has seven different filters. One filter, named after the app, gives you a simple white-and-silver sparkle. Twinkle is gold with touches of red and green. Airly is soft and white with a hazy glow. Color offers a more vintage looks with multi-colored sparkles. Shine makes everything glowy and tan. Bling-Bling is similar to Color but less washed out. Glare has multi-colored sparkles with a foggy overlay.

The app is simple to use, with easy swipe access to the filters and a slide bar to control the intensity.

The app has been around since 2015 but was made famous by London and New York's Fashion Week, thanks to the models and fashionistas gracing the runways. Pat McGrath also went Kirakira-crazy , and the results were positively dreamy. Now, for the bargain price of $0.99, you too can sparkle like royalty. IG posts will never be the same.

If you're on the hunt for apps to help your selfie game in particular, this isn't the only one to help your skills soar to new heights. There are actually a number of apps for selfies. Reportedly, Kim Kardashian loves Perfect365, a free app that lets you shape your brows, remove dark circles from under your eyes, and even contour — a make-up technique I personally have yet to conquer. Speaking of make-up, Perfect365 lets you play with different looks by changing your lipstick, eyeshadow, and even your hairstyle and color.

FaceTune is another popular one, appearing to have both a free and a paid version. One of its best features is allowing you to apply a filter to just one part of your photo, as opposed to the whole thing (we have all of us waged war on that one zit that was not invited to the party).

If you've had this nagging feeling celeb IG photos are too gorgeous to be true, you're probably right. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Why post boring, glitter-less pictures when you could use Kirakira+ so every photo appears absolutely luminescent? Nobody is going to care that you didn't wake up like this when your lip gloss twinkles more than a thousand stars in the sky. Go ahead, girl — erase those under-eye bags. Smudge away those forehead wrinkles. Whiten those teeth that have been tainted by one too many iced coffees.

The filters and editing tools that come built in to our favorite social media platforms are still pretty sweet, but let's be honest: they pale in comparison to what the aforementioned apps can offer. Increasing the brightness or toning down the contrast is cool and all, but I want my highlighter to be scintillating. Download Kirakira+ or any of the other apps in seconds so that like celebrities, you too can look totally different on IG than you do in real life.