How To Make Your Own Nickelodeon Slime & Relive The Best Part Of The ‘90s

Getty Images / Kevin Winter / Staff

I didn't even know there were literally this many sorts of DIY recipes out there. I used to be a skeptic, that the bulk of my wildest '90s childhood dreams could never be relived. But I'm so glad I was wrong about this particular one: you can make your own Nickelodeon slime at home.

The BubblePOP Kids, a channel devoted to showing off all sorts of fun family-friendly toy videos for kids, have put together a step-by-step instructional video that every child — or adult with an active inner child — can follow easily. First, though, you have purchase this kit at your local Kohl's or Target — then let the sliming begin!

For those that need a refresher: slime has been around for ages, and Nickelodeon practically invented it in its pop cultural form today, according to NickSplat. The mushy substance debuted on the sketch comedy showYou Can't Do That On Television, which ran from 1979 to 1990.

"Sliming" became popular as the substance was typically dumped on a person's head to humiliate them or congratulate them (on You Can't Do That On Television, it came about from people saying, "I don't know"). Later, according to NickSplat, it became a staple on every messy game show on Nickelodeon, and became well-known at its awards show the Kids' Choice Awards.

The slime on TV is a mix of vanilla pudding, apple sauce, green food coloring and oatmeal, so it differs from the kind used in the video. Nevertheless, this is going to be a great stressbuster for us older kids!

It's so, so easy to make. Watch the 18 minute how-to video, and read on for a step by step:

Here's what the kit looks like.

This is very exciting for those of us (me) who need a little pick-me-up. There are coloring books for grownups, and then there's these sorts of activities. Let's get a little crafty!

There's up to five different kinds of slime in one box that you can make.

The containers show it all: there's scented slime, neon slime, glitter slime, foam slime, and at the time of this screenshot the narrator was making glow in the dark slime. Yum.

You have all the ingredients you need!

Your kit includes five colors, popsicle sticks for stirring, two bottles of white glue, one bottle of clear glue, measuring cups and two bottles of "slime activation," the magic ingredient that is going to make the slime come alive.

Add white glue in the measuring cup. Add water, and then food coloring.

First, you pour 15 ml of the white glue into the measuring cup. Then, you add the mix in a mixing bowl.

Next, get 30 ml of water and pour it into the glue. Mix it again... and then you can choose which colors you want! The orange is definitely appealing to me.

After adding the color, mix it all together!

Add your slime activator to make it gooey yet firm. Mix.

Now that it's all mixed and resembles pudding, add the slime activator. Add a little at a time so you can calibrate how runny or hard you want to make it.

Mix it all together... and wow. After about 5 minutes, you'll get some very flexible, very whacky, very real neon slime. It feels a lot like gak!

Repeat the process for the other slime, but with twists now before you add the slime activator.

Now let's make the rest of them! Repeat the process for the next ones, but you can add the little styrofoam balls for the foam slime. After adding the food coloring, add the balls. Then, add your slime activator right after.

The narrator ended up using the blue coloring that apparently smells like blueberries, so looks like we got scented in the mix too!

The blueberry scented foam apparently smells like candy, and is also just as gak-like as the neon one. Amazing.

Repeat the process with clear glue for the glitter slime, but add the glitter before you add the slime activator.

If you're making the glitter slime this time, you'll be switching to using the clear glue instead of the white glue. This way, the glitter will actually show up!

The mixing process remains the same, so repeat the same process for the other slimes.

But instead of adding the balls before the slime activator, add the glitter instead.

Repeat the process for neon slime with clear glue and adding glow-in-the-dark liquid before the slime activator.

After you add the food coloring in the clear glue and water mix, add the clear-colored glow in the dark liquid. Mix well, and then add your slime activator.

Now you have all of the possible slimes! It's all doable in under 20 minutes, so there's no excuse to not follow this recipe to have yourself some nostalgic fun.