How To Make Your Work Life Less Stressful, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Crystal Duan
20th Century Fox

Having a balance between work and play is so essential in our day and age. The grind of a nine-to-five is stressful enough, but between all the responsibilities you must juggle and ways you have to take care of yourself, it's a wonder any of us have any ability to sit down and relax at all. So do something important for your health: try to make sure you're managing your work-life balance in the best way you can, based on your zodiac sign.

Part of that is finding methods that work for your spiritual body to calm down — and there are multiple ways that work, from being organized about your goals to being more realistic about your human capacity to work. The stars can tell you about your preferences in that area. It often depends on your astrological house, which can rule a different area of your life, from material possessions to philosophy to career etc. The elements can play in a major role in preference when it comes to a relaxation or activity that you prefer.

No matter who you are, there's probably a type of way to strike that balance that works for you. Read on to find out more:


Try amping up your snack game. This may sound weird, but as an Aries, what you put into your body is going to influence you more because you are a much younger sign, and your spiritual body is closer to the earth. You need more energy to stay afloat physically than others, so your sign could benefit from making sure you're keeping yourself satiated during the day by snacking regularly, so you can stay focused and energized.


Clean as often as you can. For your Taurean self, you need a clear space and a clear mind to feel at peace. And you would be surprised at how much physical clutter can feel like a physical drain on you and zap your productivity. Let your fixed earth self revel in the beauty of a tidied space, both at work and in the house too.


Learn about things for fun. In your spare time, try indulging yourself in documentaries, or join a chess club, or do anything that will keep your overeager brain stimulated. At work, you may suffer from boredom or fatigue, so give yourself things to look forward to when you're out of work mode and into play (aka learn) mode.


Make time to call your family and friends. If you have that scheduled allotted time to bask in the presence of your loved ones, it will rejuvenate you to come out of your Cancer crab shell. Otherwise, you can get a little on the introverted side and be more afraid to speak up to your boss about what your needs are!


Unplug. You're constantly in touch with so many people that sometimes you should take time to unwind and not feel the weight of the tribe on your shoulders. You need to be totally free to listen to the silence of no one needing you, at least for a few hours. Otherwise, if you don't have a break from communication and social media, how will you ever have the energy to keep performing at your absolute best?


Meditation can help ease the anxiety that you must be perfect. You can get a little over-worried that people expect more from you than they do, and the best way to get around that is to center yourself before each day begins. A clearer head makes for a clearer brain to strategize about how to get the maximal time out of your interactions and tasks.


Define your values. You may accidentally become a pushover in being a bit of a people pleaser. Your boss will choose to take advantage of how much you can handle, and you will feel left with nothing and being taken for granted. Define your values, and figure out where the line between working hard and being taken advantage of is — then don't let anyone cross it.


Take up kickboxing. Or something physical. Activity gets you going, as you're a Scorpio that wants to always transform. So make sure you're transforming when it comes to your life — even if it means something as simple as transforming your scenery by taking yourself out for a stroll, or as dedicated as picking up a new sport.


Take as many "adventures" as you can on the weekends. You're a fire sign who loves to explore, as that can give you insights into who you really are and what you believe in. Make sure you take the time to go seek out new thrills, whether it be a new forest to hike in or a new coffee shop to sit in. Make time to make your life exciting, and you'll feel more present at work and in doing your everyday duties, too.


Set reasonable goals. You tend to go above and beyond in the workplace because that's just the responsible GOAT you are. But don't bite off more than you can chew. Be realistic about your limits. Otherwise, the balance you preach about seeking to be successful in the office will seem a little off-balance.


Work for causes that you're passionate about on the side. Make sure you aren't just living life on autopilot. Try to make sure you have some side hustle — or ideally, your career — that can bring you joy. Otherwise, you run the risk of numbing your emotions out to get more work done, and Aquarius, you deserve better than that. You're all about helping the community, and the best way to generate energy and focus is to have that outlet.


Make time to daydream. You need to keep yourself sane when you're a dreamer living in the real world, so give yourself time to just be. Just write, read, create, and give yourself a way to let your intuition flow out of you. Otherwise, you run the risk of feeling suffocated.