How To Order A Dragon Frappuccino At Starbucks

by Megan Grant
Melanie Conner/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Unicorn Frappuccino fans were heartbroken when the instantly-viral drink's run came to a close; however, the Dragon Frapp immediately took its place, giving us all something on which to hang our proverbial hats in its magical cousin's absence. Since it's not an official menu item, though, thirsty customers are wondering how to order a Dragon Frappuccino at Starbucks. The Dragon Frapp's inception was somewhat of an accident — the unicorn drink was available for a limited time only, or while supplies lasted... which they didn't. It was so popular that some locations ran out of the ingredients to make it. Baristas began to get creative in an effort to satisfy customers, so using a few leftovers from the Unicorn Frapp, the came up with its dragon successor.

What will they think of next? Well, it could literally be just about anything. A Starbucks spokesperson tells Bustle, "In addition to the beverage options listed on our menu boards, there are more than 170,000 ways baristas can customize beverages at Starbucks, including selecting from a variety of milks, syrups, coffee/espresso options, and toppings." In other words, we've got roughly 169,999 flavor combinations to go.

In the meantime, how can you get your paws on the Dragon Frappuccino, without being able to order it directly off the menu? Starbucks tells us, "If customers want to order a beverage that is not listed on our menu boards, we recommend they know the recipe so that their barista can handcraft the beverage perfectly for them." So, do your barista a favor: Don't roll up to the drive-thru speaker and ask for a Dragon Frapp. If you want to order this mouthwatering caffeinated beverage, here's what you need to do.


Head To Your Local Starbucks

There are likely about 5,923 locations within a five-block radius of you, but if you're truly at a loss, you can find the closest one using their location finder.


Choose Your Beverage Size

No, "gallon jug" is not a size. I've already asked.


Order A Green Tea Frappuccino

This is reportedly the foundation of the Dragon Frapp, made of a creme base, with ice, milk, and matcha powder. Win.


Request Vanilla Bean Powder

The Green Tea Frapp is already a little sweet, but asking your barista to add a little bit of vanilla bean powder to it while they blend it up will kick to the next level.


Ask For A Berry Swirl

Politely tell your barista you'd like an added swirl of berry syrup in your drink. It will give your Dragon Frappuccino a positively magical touch. Just make sure it goes in the cup first, before the Frappuccino itself is poured in.


Experience All Your Dreams Coming True

There you have it. Remember to thank your barista and leave a nice tip. And don't forget to post a pic on Instagram, or else it never really happened.