Starbucks Has An Entire 'Harry Potter' Secret Menu & The Drinks Are Magical

by Brittany Bennett
Warner Bros. Pictures

If I could write fan fiction, it would combine two of my favorite things: Harry Potter and coffee. And I would call it — wait for it — Harry Potter And The Secret Menu. Except, lucky for us muggles, this storyline is not exactly fictional — and if you're wondering how to order Starbucks Harry Potter drinks off the unofficial secret menu, luckily, it's much simpler than finding Platform Nine and Three Quarters for the first time. Based off the way this flavor profile sounds, one sip will transport you to a roastery of witchcraft and wizardry.

Starbucks' parade of festive limited edition drinks is tattering off menus, leaving us without gingerbread lattés as we battle through the rest of winter. It's not that a regular latté can't keep us warm through January, February and March — it's just, specially flavored lattes put the "win" in winter. To make up for the lack of gingerbread on the menu, I often fine-tune my regular drink order, even if it's just adding coconut milk in place of whole milk in a cappuccino, to add a splash of something extra. But someone ventured past the Chamber of Regular Orders to uncover some epic flavor combos that can make a regular ol' drink taste like butterbeer from Harry Potter. And with this knowledge, we all basically have our acceptance letters to Hogwarts. So, I'll catch you on the train, I mean, line to Starbucks.

There are two ways in which you can take your Butterbeer-flavored drink: As a chilling Frappuccino or a toasty latte. It's also worth noting that Harry Potter Butterbeer options at Starbucks are so secret (as in, someone not at all affiliated with Starbucks literally realized putting these flavors together makes a drink that tastes like butterbeer), your barista likely won't know they exist. You'll need to study the recipes as if it were a spell, and recite it when ordering so that you get exactly what all the other witches and wizards wandering in this muggle world are slurping down.

Thanks to sites like Starbucks Secret Menu, Harry Potter fans have access to magically tailored frappuccino and latte recipes so we can get a taste of Hogwarts. Better Butterbeer coffee than Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans Earthworm Lattés, right? According to Independent, to order a Butterbeer Latté, "you should order a whole milk steamer with two shots of espresso, two shots of caramel syrup, three shots of toffee nut syrup and three shots of cinnamon dolce syrup. Ask for whipped cream and caramel crumbs on top to complete the beverage." That should keep you warm through January.

.But if you're looking for something on the blended side of things, there's a Butterbeer Frappuccino recipe floating around the secret menu too. To conjure a Grande Frap into sight, recite the following, as told by Starbucks Secret Menu: "Ask for a Crème Frappuccino base. Don’t skimp on the fat by asking for skim or 2% milk as whole milk is required for the right consistency. Add 3 pumps of caramel syrup. Add 3 pumps of toffee nut syrup. Top with caramel drizzle." And with a wave of a wand, or green straw rather, you'll have a taste of Harry, Hermione, and Ron's world. Hey, if you have a Quidditch match coming up, this could be the proper fuel for the game.

Twitter is, unsurprisingly, flocking to Starbucks to try one of these creations before the syrups run out. So hop on your Nimbus 2000 and fly to your nearest Starbucks location to cast your spell and see what the fuss is all about. Thanks to secret menus and creative fans of JK Rowling's wizarding world, what was once fiction is now an exciting reality for us mere muggles. And the best part is, we didn't even have to battle any trolls or those who shall not be named to get a sweet piece of it.