7 Ways To Plan A Trip With Your Partner Super Quickly

by Emma McGowan
Emma McGowan

Going away with your significant other can be one of the nicest ways to reconnect, reset, and take a little time off. But, unfortunately, taking a couples trip can also be really stressful. If it’s your first trip together, it can come with stress about how the trip is going to go. And even if you’ve already been on a bunch of trips together, planning a trip can feel like a second job. So how can you plan a couples trip quickly and easily?

I’ll confess, “quickly and easily” isn’t something that comes naturally to me. I’m a planner, through and through. When my boyfriend and I go somewhere new, I’ll spend hours searching Airbnb for a great spot. But while that might sound like a nightmare to some people, I love looking at properties Airbnb, so it’s not stressful. It actually feels like a treasure hunt. (Also I’m a total voyeur and I love looking in people’s windows, digitally and with consent, of course.)

So, yeah, I’m not a natural when it comes to quick and easy. But I did just spontaneously go to France this February, with no planning. And I’m practicing spontaneity more these days. So I figured one way to get better at feeling more comfortable doing big things without a lot of planning is by researching how to plan a couples trip quickly. Here are seven tips to make your next couples trip quick and easy to plan.


Be Willing To Be Spontaneous

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I’ve found that if you plan ahead there’s — surprise! — more time for planning. If the goal is to plan a trip quickly and easily, then the less time you have to do it, the better.

Unless you’re the type who’s able to make a plan, set it aside, and let that be that. I, however, am not that person. I will always want to go back and tinker with the plan or come up with a cheaper deal or a better hotel.


Check Last-Minute Flight Deals

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While traveling last-minute can be expensive, it can also be a great way to get deals. Airlines lose a lot of money when seats are empty on a flight, so recent years have seen dramatic price drops closer to flight time.

Skyscanner recommends signing up for their price alerts (which I’ve personally used and can vouch for) but also suggest checking out a site called HolidayPirates, which offers detailed descriptions of last-minute flight and trip deals.

If you’re going to fully take advantage of last-minute flight deals, you’re going to have to be extra willing to be spontaneous. Maybe you’ll go somewhere you’ve never even heard of! But that’s all part of the fun.


Consider Somewhere Closer To Home

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Of course, you can take flying totally out of the equation (which can significantly reduce both planning and costs) if you’re willing to take a trip that’s closer to home. We’re lucky in the United States to live somewhere that’s rich with natural beauty and cool cities, so take advantage of that fact!

A quick Google search of “day trips” or “romantic getaways” in your area should turn up a whole list of places that are within driving distance of home. Take a look, pick one, and start figuring out housing!


Find A Place On Airbnb

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Airbnb is a great resource for cool, interesting, and affordable getaways. While it might not be the best “quick” option if you’re like me and love to obsessively look at houses on the platform, it’s totally possible to jump in with your dates and price range and book something quickly and easily. I personally use Airbnb for almost every trip I take with my partner because you almost always get more for your money than you would in a hotel. Also, a great host will give you recommendations for the area, which reduces the amount of planning you have to do.


Ask Around To See If Anyone Has A Cabin

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If you’re looking for an even cheaper last-minute option, ask around in your friend group to see if anyone has a cabin or lake house or beach place. Even if your friends don’t have spots of their own, someone in their family might — and they may be willing to let you use it for your getaway. This option, while maybe a little rarer, takes almost all of the planning out of your trip because you just have one place to go!


Keep An Eye Out For Friends Going Out Of Town

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A lot of us have friends all over the country — or even all over the world. And Facebook connects us to people that maybe we wouldn’t have stayed connected with otherwise. Put out a call on Facebook looking for people who are planning to be out of town and ask if they’d be willing to let you stay at their place when they’re away. Bonus points for quick planning if they give you tips on things to do in their town!


Utilize Package Deals

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Package deals are a classic way to plan quickly, because they include so many elements that you’d otherwise have to plan yourself: housing, transportation, even meals. They also often offer discounts, when compared to what you’d pay for each part of the package individually.

Travel Pirates offers some pretty amazing package deals, but you can find them on other travel sites, too.

Ultimately, a couples trip should be about your and your love, not about stressful planning.