How To Play Retro Mac Games From The '90s Right In Your Browser, Thanks To Internet Archive

You didn’t have anything important you needed to do today, right? OK, good, because you can now play more than 40 retro Mac games right inside your browser. On April 1, Internet Archive launched Software Library: Macintosh, a collection of old Mac games and applications that will have your little '90s heart aflutter. Not only can you play your favorite classic games, the interface is designed to look like you are actually clicking around on an old Mac. No need to download anything or find a time machine to transport you 20 years in the past; all you need is an open browser, internet access, and maybe a tiny bit of mental preparation for the nostalgia you are about to experience.

The collection contains 45 different games and programs, everything from Frogger to Space Invaders to Dark Castle. If you’re bummed your old favorites didn’t make the cut, have no fear. Archivist Jason Scott, who worked on the collection, plans to expand the library based on user suggestions. So, you can start petitioning for an antiquated version Tetris at your earliest convenience.

If you’re like, “So what? Who cares?”, first, what it’s like to experience no happiness and joy in life? (I kid!) And second, Scott notes that looking back is actually important for current culture. “Software is culturally valuable,” he said in a recent interview with Wired. “It’s important to be able to access it, as you could with a book or a movie.” Also, it’s important for younger generations to experience the pain of having their ass handed to them in multiple rounds of Connect 4 against the computer.

Perhaps you’re like me and didn’t do much gaming as a youth. Well, hold onto your Lisa Frank trapper keeper because the collection also includes such greats as MacPaint. Draw Something who? SnapChat what?


Here’s how you can start playing some retro Mac games and stop pretending like you’re not going to spend the rest of the day helping pixelated frogs cross the street.

1. Access The Full Collection Here


In all its black and white glory.

2. Find Your Favorite Game


I started with Frogger because I am a predictable non-gaming child of the '90s.

3. Click The Giant Power Button


In case the juxtaposition was too jarring, it's the green and black button that looks alarmingly modern in comparison to the retro background.

4. Give It A Second (It’s Going Back In Time)


You’ll see a screen like the one above that shows it’s loading the program. You may also experience a quick pang of sentimentality as you remember what it sounded like to connect to dial up.

5. Say Hello to the '90s and Goodbye To Your Productivity For The Rest of The Day


For a truly immersive experience, turn on your volume and listen to the blips and bloops of the programs in all their glory.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to complete the rest today’s work using MacWrite.