You Can Now Play A Version Of Bingo On Instagram That Includes Social-Distancing Activities

by Syeda Khaula Saad
How To Play Social-Distancing Bingo On Instagram
chabybucko/E+/Getty Images

For the people who have been scouring social media looking for things to keep them entertained while practicing social distancing, you can add a cute new trend to your list: Bingo. OK, Bingo might not sound like the most exciting activity in the world, but a new social distancing Bingo has been trending on Instagram and can be pretty fun to try. Not only does it let you show your Insta followers how you've been keeping busy while in quarantine, but it also lets you partake in a sort of communal activity. In this version of Bingo, everyone wins!

There are a few different variations of the social distancing Bingo going around on Instagram, but they all pretty much work the same way. Instead of letters and numbers, each of these Bingo boards list activities that people can do while social distancing. Activities on the board include "Face-timed a friend" and "Finished a puzzle" — things that you can do (or maybe already have done) to keep yourself busy. Plus, you get a free space for washing your hands.

To "play," first save a picture of the social distancing Bingo board to your photos. You can either find one by searching for the hashtag #socialdistancingbingo on Instagram and taking a screenshot of a board, or by Googling "social distancing Bingo" and then saving an image of the board you want to use. Then, you post the unmarked Bingo board to your Instagram Story by going to your Stories interface and tapping on your Camera Roll. The board should be the first photo you see. Once you tap on the photo, use your Stories drawing tools to mark which activities you've done. You can be creative with how you want to mark up your board, whether you choose to use circles, checkmarks, or even emojis. Then, right before you post the Story, tag other people to do the same.

Just make sure you post another unmarked Bingo board on your Story as well so that your friends can easily screenshot it and put up their own answers. This can create a domino effect where soon, a bunch of people will be playing along and posting up their own Bingo board of social distancing activities they're doing.

The social distancing Bingo board is a cute and interactive way to share how you're keeping busy as well. It's also an effective way to show other people that there are plenty of things to do while practicing social distancing.

As of right now, social distancing is the best way citizens can help flatten the curve. The less amount of people that come into contact with each other, the less transmission of COVID-19 that will occur. And while the indefiniteness of time that we'll need to continue following social distancing guidelines can be frustrating, it's important for the safety and health of the general public to remain diligent and keep it up.

The social distancing Bingo board may only take a few minutes to complete, but it's filled with several different activities that might inspire your next social distancing activity.