How To Play Google's V Day Game

by Sara Levine

Valentine's Day is on Tuesday, and just like they celebrate Saint Patrick's Day and your birthday (how do they know??) Google will be marking the festivities with a doodle. It's always fun to go onto Google and see how they transform their logo, but this year, the Google Valentine's Day Doodle for 2017 is a little different — it's a game. Google is really stepping up its game this Valentine's Day (pun intended), and you might be wondering how to play the Google Valentine's Day game. Never fear, I am here to help you out. I say this as someone who is terrible at computer games, so if I can play this game with moderate success, anyone can.

This year's Google Valentine's Day game is four levels and centers around the pangolin, the cutest mammal you've probably never heard of until now. Pangolins are interesting for a few reasons: one, they're the only scaled mammal; two, they are primarily solitary creatures and only meet to commune with their mates during the mating season (which sounds like the ideal scenario, to be honest); and three, they're the most poached/trafficked animal in the world. Google teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund to bring awareness about the pangolin, so this game isn't just fun — it's for a good cause. What's more, you can donate directly to the WWF through the link in the game.

That's a pangolin, by the way. The story of the game is that two pangolins, separated by distance, have been sending love letters to one another and decide to meet face-to-face on Valentine's Day for the first time. Since the pangolin only meets their mates once, it knows it has to make a good impression, so it travels around the world to learn how to pull off a perfect date.

Here's how to play the first level.

1. Head To The Google Doodle Website

Sara Levine / Bustle

There you'll see our adorable buddies, the pangolins, and you can read their little love story

2. Visit The Giant Pangolin For Advice On How To Impress Bae

Sara Levine / Bustle

In order to get there, you'll need to navigate a few obstacles. Use the left and right arrow keys to move and the space bar to jump.

3. Collect Cocoa Beans To Make A Yummy Dessert

Sara Levine / Bustle

Again, use the right arrow key to move forward, and the space bar to jump over any obstacles in your way.

4. Collect 150 Beans To Make The Cake

If you don't get enough beans, go back and play again. (I told you I was terrible at computer games — I didn't even get half the required amount.)

5. Keep Playing

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There are 4 different levels, all with different challenges, and the game will run through Valentine's Day, so you have plenty of time to complete all the levels. You only have three minutes to get through each level, so good luck!

Head to the Google Doodle website to get started!