Here’s How To Make Sure Your iPhone X Doesn’t Break When You Drop It

It happens to everyone: Accidentally dropping your phone onto a less than forgiving floor. You're not careless, phones are just ... slippery. However, because we are aware of our phones capability to spontaneously fling from hand to floor in the middle of a text, it's best to practice safe phone handling. Especially if you're clinging onto the precious cargo that is a brand new iPhone X. You might want to know how to protect your iPhone X from breaking. Because even though it's a totally new design, it can — and according to current reports, if dropped, it probably will.

There is pride in staring into your phone and admiring its flawless, crack-free form after going through life with it over the course of two years. It showcases your ability to take care of things. But, there's no judgment in a shattered screen. We've all been there. On one such occasion, I thought I was placing my iPhone on a cafe bar. In the midst of an engaging conversation, I underestimated my proximity to the counter and when I let go of the vessel that carries all of my notes to self, pictures, and contacts, it belly flopped onto the concrete floor in slow motion. Taking with it was my stomach. It wasn't good.

If you're a proud new owner of an iPhone X, you'll want to take caution against the phone-hungry floors we walk upon, especially considering it's glass. You know, to avoid the resulting devastation that we all know to well can follow. You'll definitely want to protect this latest version of the iPhone.

Though this is Apple's most expensive release of the iPhone yet, at a whopping $999 if you choose to pay in full, it's being reported as also the most breakable. One of its alluring features is having the "most durable glass ever in a smartphone." Which is a nice promise by Apple, considering that its new design is literally all screen. But, and I am so sorry that there is a but, there are some companies who tested the screen's durability and its results are causing quite the stir.

As reported by The Guardian, when drop-tester SquareTrade let the iPhone X intentionally go up against concrete floors from the height of 6ft they concluded that this is the "most breakable, highest-priced, most expensive to repair iPhone ever." Yikes. When dropped on its side, the screen of the X remained intact but its display functions reportedly "malfunctioned." When it bellyflopped onto the floor it, you guessed it, it shattered. The kicker is that repairing the phone will cost you $279. That's just to replace the screen, according to ars technica. Let's just conclude that: unprotected glass screens will fare poorly against concrete floors.

Don't worry, it's not like you have to hire a 24/7 security detail to keep a hawk like eye on your iPhone X. You won't even have to attach a tight leash around it. You can easily protect the phone's fragility with ~a case~. I mean, the second that box opens, gently tuck your precious cargo into one of the best-rated iPhone X cases you can find. It's your first line of defense against the less than plush floors we loom our phones above regularly. Because, you will probably, accidentally, drop your phone. A case with decent shock absorption will allow you to breath a little more easily as you bend down to pick it up and check for any damage.

Another way to prevent total devastation is to have AppleCare+. Ars technica reports that, "purchasing the extended warranty for $199 on top of the price of the iPhone X will add two more years of protection to the original one-year limited warranty." This includes up to two accidental damage occurrences, like the casual slipping from hands, that will be taken care of at a lower fee than it would cost without AppleCare+.

This is why we can have nice things.