How To Read More Books In 2019 & Nail That New Year's Resolution

Lucas Ottone/Stocksy

As someone who's failed to achieve their New Year's resolution for the past four years (but in 2019 I will do the splits), I'm closely familiar with the frustration of a target not reached. But if you faltered when it came to last year's pledge to up your yearly reading, there's no need to abandon the goal this year. Here's how to read more books in 2019 — without feeling like you're back in GCSE English.

First, I'm going to be upfront: if you're not into reading, that is just fine, and neither I nor anyone else has the right to shame you or attempt to persuade you otherwise. But if you consider yourself a book lover, but just slipped out of the habit somehow? Best get warming up those page-turning fingers, because this year, readers, you're going to finish every single book on the teetering pile on your dressing table. You're going to stumble into literary Twitter and recognise at least 45 per cent of the books they're talking about. You're going to recommend a book to your friends and they're all going to absolutely worship it. You can read more in 2019, friends, and this is how you're going to do it.