How To Redo Your Instagram Story Highlights So Your Fave Moments Stand Out

by Brittany Bennett
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Instagram Story Highlights have been with us since December 2017, meaning you might have a well archived library of stories sitting right under your bio for the world to relive with you. If you get a little bored of the same ol' order, though, you can spruce up your social media by knowing how to redo your highlights on Instagram. Whether starting with a clean slate or re-organizing, there are a few routes to take when making over your Instagram Story Highlights archive.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I probably watch Instagram Stories more than I do regularly programmed television these days. The Highlights feature allows us all to rewatch the best parts of our own Stories, our besties' Stories, or an influencer's vacation. Highlights can act as a travel guide, or they can be used as a ~highlight~ reel of your dog's cutest moments or your best friend's funniest habits. You can also tune into tutorials from your favorite artists that you might've missed in the 24 hour time span the story feature allows. Highlights are an exciting, entertaining, and educational way to utilize the platform.

But once a new Highlight is added to your profile, your most recent one gets bumped to the #2 spot. If you'd prefer that your dog's cutest moments remain first in line for everyone's viewing pleasure, you can redo your highlights to make that happen.


Deleting an entire highlight, should you choose to start from scratch, is very straightforward. According to Instagram's Help Center, simply tap and hold the highlight that you'd like to delete in its entirety. All you have to do is select "Delete Highlight" to erase it. Alternatively, if you'd like to keep the highlight but want to erase a few archived stories within it, all you have to do is open the highlight and locate the photo or video you wish to be gone. Tap "More" and then "Remove from Highlight." Just like that, you have a blank slate. From there you'll be able to build the order of Highlights again, to your liking.

But deleting entire highlights can feel a little ~extreme~. Remedy the chronological order of your Highlights by simply adding a new story to the Highlight you'd like to move to the #1 spot. According to the Preview App, "It doesn’t matter if the Story is not related to your Highlight because you will remove it after." Tap and hold the Highlight you'd like to move to the first space, select "Edit Highlight" and add an archived story to the Highlight. Once the selected Highlight has been updated and successfully rearranged, you can delete the archived story you added. Your Highlight will not lose its position in the order of Highlights. Just like that all of your collected Highlight reels can be in a perfected order.

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When it comes to Highlights, rearranging their order can be as straightforward as erasing all of them, or taking a moment to add to them. If you want to re-do the Highlight cover or name, all you have to do is select a more fitting — or aesthetically pleasing — one under "Edit Highlight".

Thanks to these Instagram tips and tricks, your Highlight reel can be totally curated to your preferred order. From my personal experience switching my own Highlights around, the entire process takes less than a minute.