How To Reduce Stress With 20 Surprisingly Wonderful Self-Care Products

Adult life is hard, and everyday stresses affect us more than we realize. It's incredibly important to have an arsenal of healthy ways to relieve stress and ease your mind that you can rely on when things around you get crazy. I find that seemingly small details can make a world of difference — like relaxing sounds or scents, or even something as simple as a calming distraction. So, I've got a few trusted self-care rituals for when I need a mental holiday. Maybe you're an extrovert who loves being around people and participating, but take it from a full-blown introvert: a night at home with an acupressure mat and a diffuser can do wonders for your current head space.

I'm also a huge believer in the practice of meditation, and I think it comes in tons of different forms; you don't necessarily need to be a monk sitting cross-legged on a mountainside. Any time you're consciously living in the moment and enjoying what you're doing, you're reaping the benefits of meditation. These activities all engage your mind, senses, or body, so you can focus on what you're doing right now and let the stress of the outside world just slip away.

1. This Shower Head That You Can Fill With Your Favorite Essential Oils

Fusion 7 Aromatherapy Shower Head, $19, Amazon

The Fusion 7 Aromatherapy Shower Head has seven relaxing high-pressure settings, a luxurious chrome design, an internal water purifier, and it can be installed without any tools. However, it's also got cartridges that you can fill with your favorite essential oils or mineral salts for the most spa-like shower of your life.


2. Get An Acupressure Session In The Comfort Of Your Home

HemingWeigh Complete Acupressure Mat, $28, Amazon

Like an acupuncture session at home, the HemingWeigh Complete Acupressure Mat uses tons of miniature spikes to stimulate pressure points in your back and neck, to help relieve stress, stiffness, insomnia, and fatigue. It also comes with a free rounded pillow, is made with high quality materials, and has reviewers saying, "This acupressure mat is AMAZING. Twenty minutes on it and my back is good as new."


3. This Epic Pillowcase That You Can Color

Doodle World Map Pillowcase, $20, Amazon

This epic Doodle World Map Pillowcase is probably marketed toward children, but I gave no damns and added it to my wishlist anyway. It's made from 100 percent Turkish cotton and comes with ten fabric pens that wash out completely in the machine. For a more permanent design, you can use sharpies or paint pens, and it's an awesome way to de-stress and then cuddle your worries away.


4. This Sleek And Modern Essential Oil Diffuser

Pilgrim Alpha Essential Oil Diffuser, $40, Amazon

For an incredible essential oil diffuser with a futuristic design, there's the Pilgrim Alpha. It's whisper quiet, ergonomic, and has multiple settings so you can choose how quickly the oils diffuse. It also fills your home with a hydrating mist that's great for your skin, hair, nose, and throat.


5. This Convenient Massager That's Travel-Friendly And Rechargeable

Five Star Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager, $50, Amazon

The Five Star Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager has eight kneading rollers, soothing heat, and two different directions to work out tension after a rough day. The straps ensure that you can use it anywhere on your body, and because it's rechargeable and comes with a car adapter, you can use it while watching Netflix or during your commute home.


6. These Slippers That Massage Your Feet While You Walk

Acu-Reflex Massage Sandals, $20, Amazon

Massage your feet while you walk around the house with these Acu-Reflex Massage Sandals. They have hundreds of little textured bumps that stimulate pressure points on your feet, and because they're comfortable, slip-on, and come in multiple sizes, reviewers say that even standing at the sink doing dishes is an enjoyable experience.


7. Create Your Own Oasis With Six Nature Sounds

Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine, $30, Amazon

Create your own little oasis with the Wave Sleep Therapy Sound Machine. It gives you six relaxing nature sounds (white noise, fan, ocean, rain, stream, and summer night), and has features like volume control, sleep timer, and built-in USB charger for your phone.


8. These Essential Oil Blends Made Specifically To Help You Relax And Rejuvenate

Relax & Rejuvenate Essential Oils, $20, Amazon

I'm a huge believer in essential oils and aromatherapy when it comes to positively impacting my mood. These Relax & Rejuvenate Essential Oils are pure, high-quality, and come in six different types and blends to calm your mind and body, and can be used with your favorite diffuser.


9. If You’re Obsessed With Head Scratches, This One’s For You

Prikola Electric Head Massager, $20, Amazon

If someone scratching your head brings you to your happy place, the Prikola electric head massager is for you. It uses curved combs to deliver therapeutic sensations, improve circulation, and give you vibrating headache relief for migraines. It also runs on batteries, so it’s totally portable.


10. This Mist That Immediately Relaxes You

ASUTRA Instant Stress Relief Spray, $15, Amazon

This creative but apparently very effective ASUTRA Instant Stress Relief Spray is loaded with all-natural essential oils that help to relax your mind, calm your senses, and prepare your body for rest, and they've got a full refund guarantee to prove it. Reviewers are saying things like, "Been using this daily since I got it and its WONDERFUL!"


11. This Odd But Extremely Luxurious Mud Mask

Green Tea Matcha Mud Mask, $19, Amazon

Made with green tea extracts and volcanic mud, this Green Tea Matcha Mud Mask is incredible for unclogging pores, hydrating the skin, and reducing redness and inflammation. It nourishes skin with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and is an amazing way to pamper yourself during an at-home spa day.


12. This Textured High-Density Foam Roller That Works Out All Your Knots

Zen Active Foam Roller, $15, Amazon

If you've looking for an inexpensive way to massage tight muscles and release some stress in the body, this Zen Active Foam Roller is the answer. It's made from high-quality dense foam and has a textured casing to work out all your knots, either after you exercise or just when you're tight from a full day of desk work. It's also lightweight, portable, and durable.


13. Pure Air, Aromatherapy, And Mood Lighting All In One

Glowing Water Air Washer and Revitalizer, $34, Amazon

Clean and deodorize the air while simultaneously creating a zen space for yourself. The Glowing Water Air Washer and Revitalizer removes dust and bacteria and comes with relaxing lavender oil, so you can use the power of aromatherapy to calm your mind and body. It also glows a shimmering blue to add some mood lighting.


14. This Rechargeable Massager With Ten Strong Pulsations

Paloqueth Massager Wand, $22, Amazon

The Paloqueth massager wand allows you to deliver strong, muscle-calming pulsations to any body part that’s sore or tired. It has ten extra powerful vibrations and a flexible head for hard-to-reach places. It’s also cordless and rechargeable, so you can bring it anywhere with you. Reviewers love that it’s lightweight, long-lasting, and charges on a USB port.


15. Stimulate Pressure Points And Relieve Tension In Your Feet

TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager, $17, Amazon

Pressure points in the feet are often under-stimulated, but the TheraFlow dual foot massager is designed to soothe tired, achy feet and promote better circulation. It’s made with durable wooden bumps that massage and stimulate every part of your foot, easing Plantar Fasciitis, tired heels, and stiff arches.


16. Take This Light Therapy Lamp Anywhere With You

Circadian Optics Lumos Light Therapy Lamp, $60, Amazon

Especially if you're feeling drowsy and melancholy from the cold weather, this Circadian Optics Lumos Light Therapy Lamp is an incredible investment. It gives you 10,000 LUX of full spectrum sun-mimicking light to improve your mood, balance your circadian rhythm, and give you a boost of energy. Best of all, it's compact, foldable, and powered by USB, so you can take it anywhere with you.


17. Wear These Moisturizing Socks For Hydrated, Pampered Feet

Kilimanjaro’s Moisturizing Socks, $13, Amazon

Lined with a gel made from Vitamin E, lavender oil, jojoba oil, these Kilimanjaro’s moisturizing socks help your feet stay relaxed, smooth, and hydrated. Simply slip them on during relaxation time or before bed, and when you take them off, your feet will be baby soft. They even have anti-slip rubber bottoms for your safety.


18. This Stress-Relieving Toy That’s Selling Like Crazy

Fidget Spinner, $4, Amazon

The Fidget Spinner is an awesome little tool that you can use for calming nerves, cultivating creativity, or stress relief no matter where you are. It’s evenly weighted so that it spins in an extremely satisfying way, and it’s made from strong ABS plastic, so it’s virtually unbreakable. You can even learn to do tricks with it.


19. This Sleep Mask That Supports Your Head And Neck

The Travel Halo by Cloudz, $11, Amazon

Definitely not your average face mask, The Travel Halo by Cloudz has a compact yet functional design that helps you get in a little nap time wherever you happen to be. It has dual pillow wedges in the back to provide neck support and stability, and a microbead sleep mask that keeps out the light without irritating your face. It’s fully adjustable, and even comes with earplugs and a free carrying back.


20. This Creative Journal That Gets You Out Of Your Head When You’re Anxious

Pick Me Up: A Pep Talk for Now and Later, $12, Amazon

Written by artist and author Adam J. Kurtz, Pick Me Up: A Pep Talk for Now and Later is an interactive journal that encourages creativity and stress relief in a nonlinear way. Turn to any page for intriguing writing prompts and uplifting quotes, and reviewers are saying things like, “I adore this book. It is a great way to get me out of my head when I am feeling anxious or stressed.”

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