How To Remove Liquid Lipstick In A Pinch

Liquid lipstick can last all night, but that's not necessarily a good thing. After dinner, drinks, gabbing with your friends, and a midnight smooch, the color can crumble away leaving a patchy pout. Not cute. So here's how to remove liquid lipstick in a pinch.

According to celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose, the best way to ensure your lips last all night without looking patchy is prepping well before you ever reach for the lipstick. Barose has catered to lip-loving celebs like Lupita Nyong'o, so he knows what he's talking about. When Barose tells me that prepping with moisture is essential, I listen (and so should you!)

"Always start by prepping lips with rich lip balm," Barose tells me. "My favorite is Lancôme Absolue Precious Cells Nourishing Lip Balm. Let it sit so it is absorbed then wipe of excess with warm wash cloths to get rid of excess and dry flakes, creating a smooth canvas for the liquid lipstick."

No fancy lip scrub or product needed! A simple washcloth and drugstore lip balm will do the trick. The next step to a crumble-free evening is choosing the right liquid lipstick for you.

"Pick a formula that’s not too drying," says Barose. "Some of those liquid lipsticks can be so thick, lifeless, and tar-like that it can turn cake fast. Opt for ones that are easier to wear. They should be matte but silky and not drying, more of an attractive matte, not severe matte."

If that doesn't work, here are some tips for how to remove liquid lipstick no matter where you are.

1. Add Moisture

ChapStick Total Hydration, $4,

"During the day, if the liquid lipstick starts to crumble, you might need to add a bit of moisture to it," says Barose. "Use non-greasy makeup wipe to gently scrub off dried up lipstick. Make sure to wipe off all the gunk and the inner ring which might be created with the lips then add a bit of lip balm, let it soak in, wipe off excess then reapply liquid lipstick to retouch."

If you don't have any wipes, then simply remove as much excess as you can with a paper towel. Then, use a lip balm to smooth out the remaining color.

2. Clean Up With Olive Oil

DHC Virgin Olive Oil Cotton Swabs, $8,

"I love the DHC Virgin Olive Oil Cotton Swabs to easily clean up smudges and caked lipsticks that might get stuck in corners," says Barose.

If you're at a dinner party and need to fix your face, you can reach for some plain olive oil or coconut oil and dab a bit on your lips to remove crumbles and smooth out the color.

3. Keep Removing Cleanser In Your Bag

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"I swear by cleansing water that takes off stubborn lipstick with a makeup wipe," says Barose. "Soak the cotton pads or makeup wipe with cleansing water and rub off the liquid lipstick."

Keep cleansing cloths like these in your purse and gym bag for quick touch ups or easy removal.

If you're still trying to learn how to apply liquid lipstick properly, read this article for the best liquid lipstick hacks.

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