How To Request Money In Gmail On Android

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With so many options for sending and receiving money on your phone, it can be tricky to pick one you know you can count on. If you're an Android user, though, there's a new, easy, and trustworthy way to do this: Gmail. Learning how to request money in Gmail on Android is pretty simple, and it involves a platform many of us have been using for years. Now, you don't even have to concern yourself with any other third-party payment apps. Request the money you need from directly within your own email account. The secure method of transferring money was initiated on March 14, and this might be one of the best parts: There are no fees! That, in and of itself, is pretty neat, because annoying fees are so frequently unavoidable in so many money transfer apps and services.

As of right now, this mobile version of transferring funds can only be found on Android; also, since it's new, you'll want to head to your app store and make sure you have the most recent version of Gmail downloaded. Once you've done that, requesting money in Gmail is easy and can be done in just a few clicks. If you're ready to request some dough, here's how you can do it.


Open Your Gmail Account

Access your Gmail app like you normally would.


Compose An Email And Address It

Start a new message and fill in the email address of the person you want to request money from.


Tap The $ Button

If you're in the UK, you'll see a £ instead.


Tap "Request" At The Top

This is where you enter the amount of money you'd like to request. Make sure it has a lot of zeroes.


Tap Review

Double check all of the information you've entered. Now is not the time for sloppiness, people!


Tap "Attach"

Yup, just like attaching an image or file! You're so close to requesting your monies.



The money fairy is officially on its way with your money request. You're done! Sit back and wait for your dollars to come in.