You Need These Kat Von D x Too Faced Shopping Tips

Makeup mavens are looking forward to Monday, Dec. 26. Why the day after Christmas? Because that's when the much-anticipated Kat Von D x Too Faced Better Together collection lands at Sephora. That means beauty junkies can use their new Sephora gift cards or any cash they received as a holiday gift to nab the items in this limited edition makeup mashup, which fuses the dark and edgy KVD aesthetic and the feminine and fun Too Faced vibe.

I'm not ashamed of the fact that I am seriously coveting the heart-shaped palette, which breaks apart and features new eyeshadow shades from each brand. Since KVD x Too Faced is a special partnership and not a permanent thing, I am expecting it to sell out... swiftly.

If you are already in a state of product panic and experiencing anxiety about trying to shop this collection and fear being shut out, relax! We've got this.

I have managed to snag quickly sold out Rihanna x Puma Creepers and purchased Kylie Lip Kits when they were nearly impossible to score. I did so by sticking to a specific purchasing regimen, which I am happy to share with you so you, too, can nab whatever items you desire from Kat Von D x Too Faced Better Together.

As Blandino noted in the caption of this post spotlighting the magnetic heart palette, "It's super limited, please, for the sake of all that is glamorous in the world; if you want it get it early! Kat and I want everyone who wants a set to get it. It's for our beloved fans. It's about so much more than makeup. It's a love letter to all of you who allow us to do what we do. YOU!"

He said "super limited" so here's the first rule of Fight Club, er, of shopping Better Together: Don't delay. You need to hop online as soon as it goes on sale. Close out all other browsers and ignore any distractions, if you are able. If you are at work or watching your kid sister, don't ignore your responsibilities. If possible, take a 15-minute break from your duties in order to shop. Just do so safely and responsibly.

Have your credit card nearby so that you are not fumbling for it, wasting valuable seconds looking for information to enter rather than quickly navigating the check out process.

If you are already a member of Sephora's Beauty Insider or VIB program, be sure that you sign in in advance.

Know in advance which item(s) you want to purchase. Launch day is so not the time to browse. You need a solid plan and a clear idea of what you want so you can locate the products, add them your cart, immediately check out, and then wait for your new purchase(s) to arrive.

You can totally shop the products at the Kat Von D Beauty site or the Too Faced site, as well. Those sites may be somewhat less trafficked than Sephora, so consider those e-commerce destinations.

But the most important thing you can do — plan ahead. Know where to shop, when to shop, and how to shop before Dec. 26.

Good luck grabbing Better Together products on Monday.

Images: Jerrod Blandino/Instagram (1)